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    Mlle. Fourmont:

    You've posted. Tomorrow it snows in Hell.

    Munro? Sold. I read Adam Gopnik's "Americans in Paris" on your say-so -- write-so? -- and then gave copies as gifts. At your insistence, I will take Alice Munro for a (figurative) spin. I am busy with family stuff over Christmas but will make time when the new term starts at school. Most likely, your comment section will close before I return with an opinion.

    I am not a fiend for colons -- I swear! -- but I always seem to spew them here, in your comment section. True to form, I can feel one coming on now. Brilliant writing: "she creates a space in which the complexity of life is enacted." Bam! That's what sold me.

    Now for the requisite joshing... From the get-go, your plug admits that "Alice Munro is surprisingly difficult..." Then, like a bug at the rim of pitcher-plant, you press on to inexorable doom, sealing your sticky fate with this: "You couldn’t get me to read that stuff for a million dollars" I hate to be picky but -- I'm just sayin' -- are you actually trying to help here?

    From your synopsis, "Passion" has all the makings of a Hollywood rom-com. Somebody should knock-out a screen-play on spec. Hey, you're a writer -- get on that!

    Merry Christmas!

    [:-)] Mark

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