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    please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey:

    Love the Place Vendome moment: just my sort of thing... And who cares about meeting DVN? His dog is chic enough.

    ummm what would they be talking about?? it's a thrilling picture!!!

    I don't like Lilo very much, neigher her collection, but you put something on the table that may help us understand a bit more about her: how sad is it!

    as for the shows, my advice is: put the camera on your leg while you record (it's more stable) and look at the proposals with your own eyes!! ;)

    kisses from BCN

    great post....
    I love the music in the givenchy show. and is the lycée carnot where they filmed "la belle personne"? it looks like it.

    Outfit Events also decided that we needed to up the ante at Chicago events by going the extra mile for our crowds.

    Great post!
    I love it.

    Yeah I completely agree about the ungaro wasn't nearly as bad as the media made it out to be.

    Givenchy was superb with the black and white stripes and such. Great post!


    I agree on Lindsey...
    LOVE these shots of show attendees! More informing than the show almost...and boy is it hard to shoot in that low light from my one experience at Carrousel.

    I had no idea cirque Du Soleil was coming to Chicago! Any clue?

    It's great they are coming to the Chicago Theatre. I did some research and found this great link for discounted tickets. Here you go:

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    Love the pooch!!

    I like the videos. It makes you feel the vibe of fashion shows. And i don't hate you because you live in Paris !

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    Maybe they're talking about the weather or the new s/s Stabole collection seen on ...have you seen it??

    Petra B.

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    I too saw Erin Fetherston, Paris journalist Barbara Pasquet James and I’m quite sure Dita von Teese near the Hotel Costes---all looking fabulous. Thanx for the great post!

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