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    I love this magazine! I would be so happy to work there or to see my work published in one issue...

    The cover of the next month looks great!!!

    Mlle. Fourmont,

    Mazel tov! To judge from your posted samples, you are the copy editor for a magazine with no words -- nice work, if you can get it!

    I will now have "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits running through my head all day. Thanks a bunch!

    [:-)] Mark

    what an amazing job! cannot wait to see the issue you worked on...

    Ha! There are words, Mark. Lots of 'em.

    Mlle. Fourmont,

    I beg your pardon. On closer inspection, the cover does exhibit several word fragments (which you neglected to hyphenate). Don't break a nail.

    [:-)] Mark


    Mark Zajac is clearly un con with pretentious airs of being an editor himself.

    I have been following your blog for years now and have to admit to wishing I could meet you! Peut-être vous venez à mon expo à Paris?

    Mlle. Fourmont,

    Allow me to clarify. Since my initial attempt at humor elicited "Ha!" in response, I presumed to offer a second joke. No offense was intended.

    Most great writers are dead. By contrast, this comment area is like the courtyard beneath a palace balcony; Evita Peron might emerge, at any moment, to wave at the hoi polloi, huddled below. Who could resist the allure of potential interaction with an accomplished writer? Pray forgive me if I have abused the privilege.

    Like Jenny, who posted above, I too have followed your web log for years. I only wish that you posted more often and at greater length. I had hoped that a little gentle ribbing might goad you to write something. The pictures were quite artistic yet hardly worth a thousand of your words, nor even a handful.

    As always, I am sincere in closing with a smiley.

    [:-)] Mark

    Mark, I took your ribbing with the humor with which it was intended.

    Your compliments are kind -- thank you -- and the Peron made me laugh, and I guess all I need to add is that if I seem scarce around here it is entirely uncalculated! Simply lots goin on.

    Thanks Jenny, looks cool... and I will try!

    loveee that magazine :D

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