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    Dear Ms. Fourmont,

    You wrote: "It's beautiful how fast life can change."

    To paraphrase The Beatles: "El-o-die, O-bam-a, life goes on, brah! Oh la la, how life goes on!"

    Yours in catchy, but I can't dance to it. Plus, they got there first. I think they won. A rare instance when your redoubtable eloquence was vanquished (before you even set finger to keyboard).


    [:-)] Mark

    Mark Zajac

    "at the newly opened Rose Bakery outpost in the Marais"

    I think you just made my mind up.

    Also, yes, it must feel pretty damn good to be American right now.

    I'm totally with you. I've missed not being embarrassed of where I'm from. I don't even mind the fact that the only thing that people talk about as soon as they find out where I'm from is Obama. It beats them talking about Bush all the time by far.


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