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    Oh, to have been born half-French!

    That sounds delightful. Enjoy!

    That's funny that Virgin radio was playing old songs, especially in the morning - they normally play the latest hits. (Europe 2 got bought out by Virgin Radio earlier this year).

    PS. It's actually "c'est comme dans un vieux rock'n'roll"....not that that really makes any more sense!

    DiaryofWhy, no risk of me not enjoying! I'm just trying not to take on too many kilos. haha. But seriously.

    Samantha, oh of course it was! I meant to change that after I watched the clip and really listened to the lyrics. An old rock n roll makes really no more sense does it? Where's the "song"? I treasure all strange uses of English, though. So cute.

    oh fun post. i was actually in le mans once....very briefly. and i totallllllllly know what tv show you are talking about...heheheh.

    there are so many reasons why that video is awesome and all of them are why I decamped to france.

    also, I might show up at your farm one of these days, macbook and all.

    It looks like a dream.

    juliet xxx

    Beautiful pictures! Love your blog!

    Looks absolutely heavenly! Lovely blog by the way...

    oh god the blue door alone-- i would happily impale myself upon it but did you HAVE to share la cuisine de ta tante? DID you? Helas, I suppose you did if FOR me, non? Oh why does it hurt so good?

    that sounds so quaint & adorable! i wish i could be there...

    J'suis vachement jalouse! C'est belle la campagne! I hope you had a wonderful time, and I wouldn't leave either. Screw school. Give me a straw hat and some wellies and I'm alright.

    And here I thought you're life couldn't have been any more perfect and than they go and get WiFi!

    oh wow this place looks amazing! i want to move there!!! xo

    the farm looks amazing, beautiful and peaceful actually.

    (ok saw on another blog your comment!!!!!) so....what does sofia look like in real life??????

    sigh. she's gorgeous that sofia -- you can see i couldn't resist posting about it :)

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