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    you have really pretty handwriting :-)

    The use of that permutation of "hyphen" is unbelievably endearing, even if (or perhaps because) it is not entirely orthodox.

    so i'm finally coming out of the woodwork to say i absolutely loved this one. especially the synchro part :)
    that's saying a lot b/c i've been behind the scenes reading your lovely commentary on all things french, fashion and chicago for at least a year or 2 now so it's hard to choose a favourite... keep up the good work :)

    Haha. It can be an adjective! "Hyphenated" is of course more common... Guess I'm more of a fancypants when it comes to my Wite-Out and Post-Its...

    and sorry to fill your whole comments section up with pointlessness, but the blog linked to the above comment isn't mine... just had to point it out :) forgive me!

    No worries. Nice blog! (Yours, not Jeffrey's. Jeffrey's is a little sparse, no?)

    That was such a funny post! I just loved it, and yes, you do have a pretty handwriting...

    I absolutely loved this! It's something I would do if I worked at an office. Alone..Late at night. Haha..oh how eccentric you are. I just adore ALL your posts! One of my favourite bloggers of all time.

    "grown ass woman". that was very chicagoan-ish of you, haha; i hope you realize that. it's a little phrase we've concocted that makes us natives feel more impassioned in our speech and those outside of our big city cringe at the sound. for those three seemingly-insignificant words, i give you props.

    I think you should turn that into a small book. Ser. Iou. Sly. Bet it would sell big and make a great gift item for all the fashionistas out there. You could even do a series of fashion advice that way. Shoes. Handbags. Scarves (get the French women to share their tips).

    This is one of your best posts ever. Seriously. How I long for Nine West to have a store here! (And for me to have such a nice handwriting too!)

    that was like a really sophisticated version of the time I worked in an office, was bored, photocopied my hair and faxed it to people! I wish I'd bought those Nine West gladiators. hmmm...

    Marega, Chantelle, thank you! So nice!

    Fellow Chicagoan, I didn't realize "grown-ass" was a Chicago thing! Do you have the local accent? I do a really good "paark the caahr" now.

    Bold Soul, Aww, Thanks! Never know.

    Kaisa, I think you can order Nine West online now! But I'm not sure if they ship internationally. I do think their designs are really good at the moment. It was surprising because I hadn't been in there in a while...

    Claire, How is it that I can just picture that? I want you to blog the photocopy:). Okay, I have to fess up to something that happened after I did the post: I decided to return the brown gladiators. (I kept and LOVE the snake ones.) I just have too many super high heels and the gladiators were the same height as the snake, but much shorter on the raked part, so you're much more vertical. If it hadn't been for that they were perfect. Sigh. But I still endorse them as a non-cheap looking, wonderfully-priced shoe. Great for someone who has a car/ takes taxis.

    Marvellous post! I love the synchro arrangements. And you are so right: all my nice shoes are in the office. *sigh*

    oh this reminds me of miranda

    That was such a beautifully witty post. Possibly the best blog post around. The different arrangements of shoes killed me. You're great. Really.

    Kate, they are probably happier there... away from the grit and grime of the tough street. :)

    Nancy, Totally MJ inspired! Especially was thinking of the time she wrote on her stovetop.

    Gillian, Was just checking out your blog. Your black dress with the lace and the belt? That you're wearing in the pic with your mom? HAWT.

    This. is. amazing. Hilarious post and super cutes shoes!

    Great job! You're fabulous and so are your shoes!!!!

    Fabulous post, great fun! And I also voted the striped shoes as #1, though I like all of them :)

    Delurking to say, sooo funny.

    Ok, this is my all-time favorite post. Hilarious! You are one funny gal!

    BTW, my personal vote for shoe MVP is the pair of brown wedges that have the wide, criss-crossed straps in the front (they performed especially well in the sync-swimming event). I'm going blind trying to read the looks familiar, but I can'

    You're the best.

    This is the best post ever.

    actually the funny thing is

    i have run into jude law!

    I'm all a-twitter over handwriting on a dry-erase board and Nine West shoes manuvering into synchronized-swimming poses. Wow. I wouldn't hesitate if Flat Top restaurant were to come to me and offer me millions to write their menu boards for them. That may just be my dream job...and so you've made me a happy camper to see your sweet Coquette font all over this post. Ah, memories. The year we lived together I swear my manuscript began to take on characteristics of yours...

    Wonderful post, so creative and fun!! I *loved* it!

    This is so funny and cute. Something endearing about a woman who loves the shoes she HAS and blogs about them at WORK! hahahaha Kind of like having pictures of your shoes in your wallet. I love it.

    Great idea & beautiful handwriting!

    Love it... had to stop lurking and actually comment on this post. You wouldn't believe how many people I have forced to look at this. The Esther Williams bit gets me every time... :)


    I guffawed. I actually guffawed (!!). I didn't know I could do that! It was the synchro part; I couldn't help it. Luckily there was no one around. ;-)

    (p.s. no this is not Kaisa but Kasia... though when I was in Finland they kept calling me that. Five bucks says she's Finnish.)

    This post made me giggle. (Nothing like being in the office late, eh?) We have similar shoe taste!

    Lisa, they are A.P.C. :)

    I used to read this site everyday & then about a year or more(?) ago you stopped posting as much & I quit coming...

    Long story short - you are great!

    I just have to say that I immediately purchased those Nine West gladiators after I smiled my way through the photos...made my day!

    This was fantastic! I am so glad you were bored at work one night, the world is a much more amusing place because of it.

    hahaha! i liked this post! nice!

    a) fantastic handwriting. Like a teachers. I am jealous!

    b) WHERE are those fantastic striped wedges (?) from... I must know! They are stunningly gorgeous and right down my alley. I really do covet them, among the other beauties you have hangin' out at your office.

    I have a shoe blog, feel free to check it out when you are bored in your office another night :)

    a) fantastic handwriting. Like a teachers. I am jealous!

    b) WHERE are those fantastic striped wedges (?) from... I must know! They are stunningly gorgeous and right down my alley. I really do covet them, among the other beauties you have hangin' out at your office.

    I have a shoe blog, feel free to check it out when you are bored in your office another night :)

    Love it! That was actually very entertaining.

    Very good.

    I love this post!

    ooops! i meant to comment here!

    i love your blog, and you have beautiful handwriting!

    visit my blog! please & thank you!

    Liz, I really hope you thought of me at least once while you were making this fabulous little slide show. You had to know how much I would love it!!!!!!!!!!! Please do another one soon. It was my favorite! I probably sound like such a dumbass when I leave a comment. Everyone always sounds so high fashion and intelligent and I'm like "make the shoes dance, make the shoes dance". You can block me if you want, I'll totally understand :) Love you and miss you. I hope all is well.

    I totally emjoyed your entry. Perked up my dull Friday. And I'd have to agree that you do have very pretty handwriting which is still fascinating me... :)

    Damn, I need to go shopping for a shoe army as well.So I can stage my own drill lines and protest marches and maybe a line dance setting out of them.

    Such comments! So nice! I thought everyone would think I was insane!

    (personal to Cort: Oh you're so funny. I think that "make the shoes dance" should be my new motto.)

    Meg, "Kind of like having pictures of your shoes in your wallet." OMG, you're so right! Sigh.

    I just had a lot of fun going through this old post of yours... :) Love, Mat.

    merci Mathilde!

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