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    I am going to Paris for the first time in May. I figure you might be able to point me in the right direction for shopping. I've done a lot of research, but you probably know some of the good spots and must stop places. I don't speak French, so I figure it will be difficult in general. Any suggestions or advise?

    this looks like the epitome of the most perfect shop to me. i love the decor--i feel like i would want to live there. ...and with all of that amazing designer edit in my closet, who can blame me? i also love the menswear references of which you's so important to creating a personal look. it's true, i also love romantic styles, but with a twist to give it a little edge. i feel like i want to take a trip on down to toulouse just to check out this little gem! nice post! more photos please! XX.

    that looks like my kinda place...

    what a beautiful store! you are so lucky, coquette!

    j'aime le grand miroir magnifique!!

    Claire, it is SO up your street. I think you need a field trip to Toulouse!

    i love the inspiration wall! and what beautiful clothes!!

    I fear that if I ever make it to Departement Feminin, I will ruin an outfit or two with all my drooling! I'm going to move in there with Cassi. Just wondering how to fit a bed into one of the dressing rooms...

    A friend of mine indicates your blog to me and it´s awsome here!

    i am addiny you to mine Favorites, if you want, add me too :)

    a kiss

    Kira Aderne

    Great find! What a beautiful shop.

    those dresses are understated, utiliatarian almost but very precious nonetheless. i think i like the quiet side of french fashion:)

    American women often dress for each other, while French women dress for women and men. Continuing with broad generalizations. An American man might be more interested in his partners clothing choices if he was to wonder on a daily basis what of his wardrobe might be ending up in some type of gender bending defiance of the rules. One final generalization, is that French women might simply be described as being more casual with their sexuality. Who cares if you see more breast, a bra, or panties. The clothes are there and one must wear them as they are.

    I'm sure I will dream of that lovely lilac pink dress you featured in the photo tonight. Such dreamy, feminine clothes they feature there. I loved the look of the store also. Unfussy and clean. Kiss some of those ballerina slippers for me too. Oh! and I agree about the impending death of the big bag trend. It's becoming more bag-lady by the day rather than a lady with her bag kind of statement.

    I love the inspiration wall, it speaks volumes.

    I'll have to visit this lovely place the next time I'm in Paris.

    Lanvin + Balenciaga, love it!

    Coquette: I have been a reader and admirer of your blog for quite some time now, and can truthfully say that I have never been disappointed by any of your posts, which have provided me with a keyhole into a world I would otherwise never have visited, either virtually or in the flesh.

    I suppose what I like most is the way you combine the informal with the informative, the classy with the crass, the wild with whimsical - and all in a manner that seems as artless as it is artful!

    Thank you, and best wishes.


    Well, I just found this blog and I adored it from the very first moment..!!I'm half french and half Greek and I found the blog searching for a site about my favorite store in my town, where I live in Greece!..which actually looks like this very shop in Toulouse and sells so beautiful clothes and accessories!!I really liked that store...just my style..romantic..although I have a touch of boho in my closet!! ;) I have a huge passion for fashion..and that's why I liked your blog (at least that's one of the reasons)!..
    Mais, je ne suis pas pour, j'aime Chloé beaucoup!!!

    this is a wonderful post! i didn't know of this boutique...where have i been?!?! thank you!!
    xo alison

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    Great post!

    More vintage shops in Paris here:

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