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    You left out the most hilarious "-ing" of all: Le Smoking. This is what a dinner jacket is called. Amazingly. Another source of hilarity is the french casual word for afternoon tea: Le feevocloque. Think about it.

    Don't forget "shampooing" and my personal favorite, "relooking". That one just perplexes me.

    and what about the "smoking"? :D

    Bonjour Coquette!
    Don't know if you've seen this already, but I believe you're in it (several times, in fact):

    I did see that -- Thanks!

    Oh I want to go an activity like that! And have a lot of swatches! I will be so cool, really amazing! Lancome is one of my favourites make-up brand!

    Great pictures you have here. :)

    One of the American girls mentioned receiving something in the mail, and I had to clarify for Edouard that it was “la poste,” because the French, if they receive something “par mail,” that means, BY EMAIL.

    There are many people who offer you their personal experiences and you simply choose to ignore them, and in fact are so rude that you do not even respond to a discussion thread created by your very self.

    You should listen to what the chemistry professor says about chemistry, not the librarian.

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