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    Ah, the Hotel Costes... what a scene. Both you and David Rakoff sum things up so perfectly.

    And as a fellow Taurus, obsessed with beautiful fabrics and jewelry and other elements of fashion, I agree, it is totally in the stars!

    Ahhh, loved reading about your experiences and living vicariously through you! Sounds DIVINE.

    the Hotel Costes... I must say I am jealous.

    Very cool. I too am jealous. It all sounds very exciting. If it is not as great as you are making us think, DON'T TELL US.

    4 o'clock it.

    Going somewhere hmmm? I know EVERYTHING..cackles wildly...x

    Hello ! Here is the materialist girl ! :) How are you ?
    Hotel Costes and the great restaurants were very cool... but now I GOT TO MAKE A DIET !!!
    Your account is impressive. How do you manage to remember everything ??? you were not taking notes, were you ??!!!
    See you soon XXXX

    Hey Julie, No notes for blogging! (For magazine articles I take notes.) I just tell what I remember. We need to go for an apero when I'm back from NY!

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