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    La chanson de Goldman je l'adore!!!! Mais elle est trop triste!

    oh love all the kitsch songs. :) and great sorry about your dad...

    Loved the show! I hope it will get extended, because they were all so talented, and the songs are definitely very catchy. I recognizd quite a few, although I have to admit I didn't know them all...

    It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, let's just put it that way, and any show that makes me feel good like that is a keeper! :-)

    Only a frenchgirl could make singing while rocking back and forth at the front of a "boat" in a fairground look perfectly normal.

    however, everytime the camera pulled back and let us see her in the swinging to and fro-- i could not stop the giggles--

    can't wait to see you dance to this at your wedding-- I am invited, non?

    I love the Francoise Hardy video, but I'm surprised you didn't mention her cool overcoat!

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    Wow, how lucky are you living in France - I just came back from Normandie and would love to move yesterday;-)

    I just moved to Paris a couple of weeks ago and have been sampling the expat blogs to see what I like best; yours was a highlight. I was touched by your story about your dad. You see, like you I am a half-breed (French mother and American father) and can validate from personal experience the difficulty of translating one identity (or even soul) from one culture to another.

    Hum.... l'histoire de ton père semble en effet une bonne illustration de la chanson de Goldman -:)

    elisabeth -- awesome blog, I have a blog "business" question for you. would you be so kind as to email me? couldn't find your contact info....merci

    You have a delightful blog! Beautifully designed!

    where have you gone?! :(

    Gainsbourg....merveilleux!!! Merry chrismas to you and to your....LOVELY BLOG!!!!

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas and holiday season.

    I wish you a healthy and fun New Year (Twenty O Eight!!!!!!!!!!)

    And...happy blogging to all...

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog for the past year and a half and truly enjoy and admire your entries. I am studying abroad in Paris in January for a semester and will most definitely look to your blog as an inspiration for my own experience in the city of lights. Thank you in advance :)

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I collect people’s favourite places on my website :

    Please send me a photo of yours if you want…
    It can be a room, a party, a city, a landscape, a car... Quartier Latin ou Belleville...


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