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    Courtney Love looks pretty good... for Courtney Love. Am I wrong?

    i was actually gonna love looks good. BUT loveeeee all the chloe.

    am so with you on the favorite ensemble-- does this mean leggings will live on into Spring 2008?

    Be still my heart.

    love the purple, navy, teal combo!!

    Leggings trump the bad perfume - Chloe is redeemed!

    All of your dresses are so beautiful and colorful.

    i hated it. i loved PHEOBES whole thing- those were my soccer mom clothes, those were special and cute and fantastic and i hated fall and i loathe these colours i thought they looked like vomit in the flesh i harte to say it..... i cant stand chloe any longer , over it.
    And yes Clove looks great. She doesnt get props for looking as good as she ussually does , TMZ or sxomeone is always on her ass wishin and a hopin shed go back to her Anna Nicole era- wich i doubt is gonna occur.

    I need a dress for graduation. I would like it to be edgy yet cute and girly at the same time. I love converse and i guess you could say I have a skater style. Any info is appreciated!

    It was a really great thought! Simply would like to say thank you for that information you've shared.

    I have a wedding every other weekend this summer, and there is going to many of the same people at them, so I am in the same pickle as you. I love anthropologie as well, but unfortunately I just can't get myself to fork over so much for one dress, when I will need several. I hope you get lots of suggestions, I will be checking back for the advice as well

    You blog is so lovely that speak the words right out my month. . I bookmarkt you so that we can talk about it in details, I really can't help myself but have to leave a comment,you are so good.

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