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    Melissa Rivers is still alive? Her mother hasn't eaten her yet?

    Please. You waaaay outclass Melissa Rivers. But why were you so kind to the guys? The women looked great, but the men looked like they were shopping at the supermarket. Joan Rivers wouldn't have let them off so easily.

    twenty years? I think you're a bit optimistic on that one

    Yay, you're back! I was afraid you got attacked by someone who wanted your shoes.

    And I totally agree about Ratatouille; that movie has French in its blood (or, um, sauce).

    Ergo is one of my favourite words. And I can't wait to see Ratatouille!

    Enjoy NY!

    So great to see you back, Elisabeth! My brother told me he had seen Ratatouille but didn't like it as much as so many others have because he said he didn't think it was "funny" enough, supposedly -- but my brother has a very cynical, acerbic sense of humor, so maybe it was "too French" for him! Who knows? I can't wait to see it too, though. It's been ages since I've seen a Pixar flick that I liked as much as Monsters, Inc.

    I'm with you. I loved Ratatouille and it makes me want to take that trip to Paris I've been promising myself even more!

    I might need to go see it, now, based on your recommendation. I just can't stand how they pronounce it: Rad-a-too-ie!

    I just read that on Saturday there will be all sorts of parades and stuff all over the city. Is that because you're coming back?

    Picnic soon!

    oooo! have fun in ny. there is so much happening right now. free concerts, shopping (sales...boutiques...mmmm). first time posting, but i read often. love it!

    Bon Voyage! Have a great trip!

    You have just reminded me how much I like Paris, and how long it has been since I visited.

    Now what was the URL of the eurostar website again ?

    when ARE you going to have Paris again, she whines....I keep checking back to see if you've posted yet...I am your one woman traffic booster...rory's article make me want to hop on over to belleville immediately too...x

    la mome really bothered me due to the long scene with Marlene Dietrich but never elaborated on her dying child or her deep relationship with charles aznavour.

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    Actually, seeing "Ratatouille" made me miss southern France. I nearly started crying when the nasty food critic took a bite of the "peasant's dish" and was transported back to his childhood kitchen. It instantly made me think of "My Mother's Castle" for some strange reason!

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