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    I know you're mostly interrested in vêtements de femme, but are there any similar places pour homme?

    Ah, thanks for all these shops ! I'm gonna stay in Paris next month, this comes just in time :)

    Welcome back! We missed you!

    ooooh...the ones I know of I totally agree, the ones I don't (Alice Cadolle, Guerrisol),I shall be descending upon..the perfect mix! x welcome back to Paris....smooch

    that comment totally doesn't make sense. The ones I don't know about, I meant, not the ones I don't agree know what I meant?! I need coffee stat...

    Cadolle is divine, and Monoprix is where I get French soaps with cool packaging to bring home. And I'm going to have to check out that discounted A.P.C. thrift shop! Great recs!

    Claire we must hit Guerrisol next time you're here. My sis got a Cacharel dress for 3euro :)

    oh you are a gem!
    welcome back...

    good selection ! i didn't know french trotters so thanks for this great adress !

    i must go book a flight now.

    I used to love Leroy Merlin simply because the help was intensely incompetent, all running in their green vests about ignoring people who had serious questions about power tools and toxic chemicals they were about to spread around their homes. My art project is to bring in 50 actors, dress them up in the green vests with name tags, have them actually help people, film the encounters and hand out DVDs of the film outside the store. I suppose I could do the same for BHV.


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    Ah, Le Bon Marche! What a wonderful place. Your blog makes me want to grab my passport and board the next flight to Paris. :)

    On the way to Freep Star and Maje, if you feel like having a quieter shopping experience, come and try the Haut Marais' off streets : rue Charlot / Poitou / Saintonge ...
    Designer clothing (hence pricier) & art galleries mix quite well over here !

    Yes, I love the rue Poitou and Charlot especially....

    Ah Coquette, very nice timing indeed. Having seen your shopping recommendations mere hours before boarding the Eurostar to Paris, I was well-equipped for my long weekend away. It was too late to really benefit from "Les Soldes" at Bon Marche, but I had success elsewhere. Now to convince the hubby that the antique (maybe just old?) birdcage I found at Le Marche aux Puces de Vanves really was an inspired purchase ...

    APC surplus and APC rue Vieille du Temple are closed. Bwaah!

    I never found anything worthwhile in the APC shop. Tant pis. I guess my six times a year visits weren't enough! I do think Maje has great moments tho. I wrote about a coat from there in Elle 18 mths ago because it was just so well cut, and such great value.

    oh wow, i would so love to visit and live in paris one day. those shops look gorgeous! i should really do a similar post about my favorite shops in tokyo and singapore.

    merci! great list.

    your blog is so cute! i'm so glad i found it. i love susan c, too; she is fabulous. and i'm going on a trip to paris soon so we're printing your list!
    xoxo joanna

    Good list -- wow, the puces at Vanves -- I have got to go there -- of course I can see it from my living room window so you'd think I'd go a lot... kind of like living across the street from the Empire State Building (which I also did for 12 years as a kid...) -- and never going. Monoprix is also my store for gifts for folks in the US...espcially Cote d'Or chocolate, which they seem to love, but they also like the Bonne Maman jellies in the little white jars that came out recently...

    Thanks for this list -- I'm cutting-and-pasting it for next year's trip

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    since when is APC surplus open again? Every time I go down there, they shrug frenchly and say it might be open next week...

    Thanks for the tips! I was in Paris last week and made sure to stop into Free P Star - where I scored two fall sweaters at 5 euros a piece. :)

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