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    oh do share with a sistah whose stuck on a mountain being pummelled by storms-- give us a glimpse of par-i-dise, s'il te plait

    ouf, i am bad with surprises. what fun is lurking around the corner?:)

    I see that now you live in Belleville, which is a great place. Have your feet brought you so far as Saint-Germain de Charonne (upward rue de Bagnolet)? I think it's really one of my top spot in the city - and I'd like you to love it!

    i miss you too! let's catch up.

    Wow, i never been on this blog actually, reading is through RSS.
    Time for comments: it's.. pink! And has no google ads (good point) but a blogads sponsors link (beark).
    You seem to find your way in Paris, already knowing the best places.
    Have fun this spring!
    I will stick with the RSS, really. The three columns thing is supa-useless. Your words are cooler without all the stuff around I swear! :)

    we've missed you too

    (and we -- meaning i -- are slightly jealous of your love affair with paris.)

    Always great to see a fun, entertaining and laugh-out-loud post from you here (I hear ya on the broke, sistah)! You make me smile, and I love how much you love living in Paris...

    yay! i love your blog and i've been waiting for an update ever since i discovered it a week ago :)

    Elizabeth, there is a Paris Blogue T-Il tonight. We'll miss you there.

    Delphine, It's much less exciting than I made it sound, I swear.

    Vincent, thank you, I have mentally flagged that street to check out.

    Ok, Coquette! Let me know what you think after the checking (PS: the prettiest thing is the little church with a cemetary by it. As far as I know it's the last church+cemetary "ensemble" left in Paris).

    I love your blog and looking forward to reading your fabulous posts! :)

    Love reading the stuff you post!
    I'm doing to same thing you're doing... in NYC!
    And broke. blah. LOL

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