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    congrats--i hope you enjoy your new place!

    I think Regis is dancing the "No Problème."

    omg! Your parents are so cute and young! And check out that parquet. When's the crémalliere?

    My cave thanks you for the shout out. When we got the bikes out on Sunday for a ride to the market, we were both stunned by how organized it looked compared to the mess it has been since we moved in. Would you like to store things in it more often? :)

    I'm quite sad to see the stove go, I had already pictured us roasting marshmallows next winter...

    And I thought living in London had its quirks. Most London apartments, even unfurnished ones, come with fridge/freezer, oven and hob. Thank god...

    But phone/internet connection is a nightmare...

    Have you looked into any internet fax services? I use one called where for about $15 USD a year I can receive faxes at no cost and send out faxes for 10 cents a page. I rarely need to fax things so I didn't want to spend money on an extra phone line or a fax machine, paper and toner. Basically I send an email (where any files I attach become part of the fax, and the body of the email is the "cover page". The only extra step I sometimes need to take is if I have to scan a paper document first in order to save it as a file and then attach it. When I'm sending faxes, the other person receives them via their fax machine; when I receive faxes, they come to me as an email in a PDF file. It's fantastic and works like a charm. Only thing that might be a problem if you're faxing things to/from European numbers is Maxemail's numbers are US based.

    There are several internet email sites that offer free (or free to try) fax ability. I used to be a member of eFax. I think it still exists but I haven't used it in a very long time. I hope this is useful.

    Congratulations on your new nest! I was thrilled to learn > from the comments. It just might replace > as a favorite.

    hmpf. no French quotes allowed, I take it.

    I was pleased to learn "crémalliere," which is giving "époustoufler" a run for its money.

    Gentry, cremailliere *after* fashion week.

    Bold Soul and Bob, thanks for the tips. I don't need to send faxes often, but such a pain when I do.

    Nice wood floors! When is your first big party?

    Yea! I wanna come to the party! :)

    It is a shame to lose the stove - but hey shoes are cute too!

    Keep blogging

    Kate. Lovetolead

    Happy Housewarming!!!!!!! God, you must be loving all the new space and a new quartier to discover-- can't wait to visit (*fingers crossed* next Oct . .)
    But you haven't mentioned cousin Jeanne-- must've been tough to leave her--

    First time here but not the last !
    well your place looks cool and the Godin stove looks great too and you won't be cold with it !
    Don't forget the cremaillère ! :)
    ABout the fax : if you use a macintosh you have a fax program in it, so easy to use. Let me know !

    Your new pad sounds fab. Congrats and enjoy!

    (I love the shoes further down too ;-)

    Enjoy your new place - it looks gorgeous! (The white walls do anyway.) ;)

    I was sooo shocked the 1st time I learned about the French kitchen removal thing. I still am. But that stove is adorable..
    Quelle domage..

    I love Regis.

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