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    eXpresso? freaking Americans

    Congrats, though it's hardly surprising...

    Thank god you are back in Paris!! I hope you can make it to our meetup there on March 1st... We will be sending info about it soon.

    Tobert and Luisa
    The Style Scout

    Ooops, not Tobert and Luisa, but Robert and Luisa!

    Aha, I'd seen the Carine vid but only caught a few words of it. Now did she mention about adopting me? What did she say, what did she say - all I got was "blah blah blah pouvoir blah blah" and I took French from the age of 12!
    And of course you are blogginated my dear - all is right in the world. x

    PARIS! I love it! I am happy for you that you are back! Yessss!

    Bonjour. Seriez vous intéressée par un échange de lien avec mon blog ?

    She takes a tranquiliser every day! I'd be pretty charming if I took a tranquiliser every day, not to mention markedly unlined of the brow.

    Congrats on the nomination! I hope you win - it's great to have you back, blogging regularly.
    Enjoy your coffee!

    p.s - I'll be in Paris the week after next..x

    I don't doubt that Carine is fabulously stylish...HOWEVER, what has she done to her face? In the video, I couldn't stop staring at her face. It's like she put pounds of grey makeup on, making her look older. It's horrifying. French is a third language for me, so I was trying to concentrate on what they were saying in order to understand what was going on...but Carine's face was distracting me, ha.

    Interviews…nominations…I don’t want to hear of it. I want to know what transpired in your sudden and unavoidable departure and if you have returned to Paris fat and freckled like a Wagnerian Flosshilde.

    very charming indeed. very laid back offices.

    I like the fact that Carine is not a 'typical' beauty. I think her appeal lies in her amazing dress sense and her passion for what she does. I love Carine!

    I hope you are enjoying your return to Paris xx

    La mode c'est magnifique....

    Je te propose d'aller voir le magazine
    Et n'hésite pas à faire tourner le lien...

    vive la mode

    My mom is French,
    I was born in Montreal,
    I work at Starbucks,
    and i say eXpresso too!

    There's a little Italian man who comes into our store everyday who insists on correcting my pronounciation, and I've tried, like seriously *tried*, but old habits just die hard!

    I don't get the Carine thing. True, she obviously has some *stunning* clothes, but she looks rode hard and put up wet. Drunk or stoned, like an old Edie Sedgwick, which is truly not a good thing considering the Sedgwick ending. Maybe it's all over-looked since she wears clothes well?

    Hello, I'm sorry, but can you please tell us what your job is? How do you support yourself while you live in France? Thank you, Luc

    the french say "un expres" and "expresso" so I have no problem with your saying it too.

    dearie, I've memed you in a big way, go see.


    Since the brevity of your comment renders it inscrutable, I’ll pretend that you’re an expat trying to figure out how to make a living here and not just a dickhole.

    I do freelance work in fashion. (Being an editor in Chicago, assisting on photo shoots in Paris, assisting for American buyers and editors who come to Paris during the shows). I can get by without having a full-time job because I don’t mind not having benefits like heatlh care.

    I do all sorts of non-fashion related jobs (babysitting, English tutoring, putting together press kits), I guess I don’t feel the need to overwhelm people with all the details of my life here. Sometimes I’d like to talk about a freelance job, but it’s for a large employer that doesn’t know me well (like an American department store) and I prefer to be discreet than to ask them for permission to mention them here.

    Thank you for the GREAT video!
    I had to runn out and look at the latest Paris Vogue.
    She's amazing!

    I like Roitfeld, her YSL style and no-nonsense hatred of purses, but she lacks the gravitas of Anna Nuclear-Wintour. A few days before fashion week, I saw Wintour on the street in her fabulous green fur coat (J. Mendel? Fendi?), sunglasses, and heels, and was awed. I thought my heart would beat out of my chest. Everything about her, from her hair to her skin was exquisite. . . Carine seems more accesible, but I don't know if that's what interests me in a top fashion editor. Oh, that green fur. . .

    The French and Blogging!

    ...thought this was interesting!


    Happy Valentine's Day!

    (I forgot to say last night, Elisabeth and to all bloggers here!)

    May love come to all!!!!!

    Jo A.

    I came across to your blog. Its give totally interesting and informative and enjoyment....any other words to describe?

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