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    Welcome back!

    oh just yet another Martin Grant coat to pine for...though I pine for the Jardin du Luxembourg just as much.
    Did you actually eat that raisin? If not did you keep it? Bet you did.

    It's in a jar. Calling it Helga.

    lovely shoot! it IS nice to layer.. but after looking at the prices of all the items being layered i suspect that the high fashion value was elevated by the sheer price of it all!

    On a totally unrelated note: Lucky mag's August issue has a page dedicated to peter pan collared shirts. Thought you ought to know... :)

    On another totally unrelated note: What would you do with a spare $200 that's been burning a hole in your pocket since June?

    Gleek, It's aspirational! (Yeah, I can't defend the prices.)

    Meg, 1) long live the Peter Pan collar. There's too many of those things in my closet for me to make a crack about Lucky being behind.

    2) PATENT LEATHER BALLET SHOES. Or a great trenchcoat

    Glad Helga didn't kill you.

    Oh, and I got the Fall Fashion Mag . . . very beautiful layering but very expensive prices. Alas, my wallet dictates that I can only enjoy the styling while flipping through the pages.

    hi dearie!

    welcome back to rainy paris!

    note: layer 9 is my favorite photo! i want that martin grant hoodie hoodlum coat! it's so good!

    & layer 7 = stella mcartney doesn't do leather!!! so the credit is off :( call them call them if it hasn't gone to print yet!

    (not that anyone ELSE would ever notice!)

    haha. cbm xx

    Pismire! Long time!

    Cassi, you are SO good on the Stella. luckily I didn't handle the credits in this issue. Phew.

    Yes, I love the backwards shot with Saint Sulpice, too. I also like shot 5, but that has everything to do with the Pépé reading the paper in background.

    Hum... It gets weird... I didn't know that Saint Céré was in the Lot departement.

    I live in the 5th arrondissement of Paris and my grand parents lived 10 years in Saint Géry near Saint Céré. I'm bound to meet you one day.

    If you happen to run into a tall Asian guy looking at you in awe... Hum.. it would be moi. Ok now I hope I don't sound creepy.

    By the way, nice photos: beaucoup dans l'esprit Rive Gauche...

    Pretty pictures!!

    (Who knew the footless tights would ever be back in style...makes me wish I hadn't gotten rid of the metric assload I had of them circa 8th grade...)

    Is that Jane Birkin?

    so, i've got to know, Coquette - where do you stand on the leggings debate ? personally, i'm kind of torn. while i'd never wear them myself (haven't got the gams), i appreciate what they might do for shapely legs, and i was bowled over to find myself loving what Ann Valerie Hash and Maxmara did w/ them for fall 2006:

    ... impatiently awaiting your sage proclamation !!

    so, i've got to know, Coquette - where do you stand on the leggings debate ? personally, i'm kind of torn. while i'd never wear them myself (haven't got the gams), i appreciate what they might do for shapely legs, and i was bowled over to find myself loving what Ann Valerie Hash and Maxmara did w/ them for fall 2006.

    ... impatiently awaiting your sage proclamation !!


    Unfortunately your look book is specific to your viewing history (I think), having joined specifically to see these leggings you can imagine my disappointment...

    Do you mean these ones?

    I think you can get the collections by googling them. Although I haven't been able to find the Ann Valerie Hash one.

    A fashion neophyte

    oops... silly me. Hugo, i'm a dolt. upon further research on, i realised that i made the fatal mistake of categorizing anne valerie hash's leggings under fall '06 - the look i was imagining was actually from her spring '06 collection. a lashing of apologies!

    anyway, still curious to know Coquette's opinion on leggings.


    Welcome back- I am going to be in Paris next week and am so excited!

    Congrats on your Chicago mag.

    Gotta watch those raisins...

    Wow, those are excellent pictures. Congratulations!


    Cyrille, Dude, we're neighbors? I want a coucou if you ever see me in real life.

    Do, good call, Camille does have a little Birkin thing happening.

    Am & Hugo, Omigod I loooove leggings. They were one of the first things I realized I had to have when I moved here in Jan. 2004. (Yeah, that was before they hit Lohangelos) I have been seen wearing them as recently as last week with my linen Claudie Pierlot dress, if fact. Just one of the areas where I differ with the Go Fug Yourself girls. (Although I could never challenge their comedic skill, there they are perfection.)

    Jumper PLUS not a look I could pull off=/

    Congratulations, that's an awesome shoot. I may even find myself interested in fashion rather than my favs - t-shirts and shorts.

    The Fall issue of Chicago mag has "dropped." You're even using the insider's lingo on us. At first, I thought you meant that they "dropped" the whole piece -- like they cut it out. Soon, you're going to be using fashion magazine lingo all the time! I better start watching "project Runway" just to keep up with you're talking bout.

    Project R: you should be watching anyway! Man, I miss that Tim Gunn.

    Coquette, for the record, last September when we went to the paris blogger's thing-y-- you were wearing black leggings--- I noticed every detail of your ensemble and must say I was struck by the appearance of the leggings and then all last Spring when it was all leggings all the time (that is when it wasn't return of the mini-short) I thought, aha-- there she is again, that Coquette-- and for the record, we are indeed cousines because like you I worship the fug sisters, but also? love love love wearing leggings and it is the one reason I am okay with Fall coming soon.

    Dynamite shoot and story! Thanks for the vicarious peek. Love your pictures too! Merci

    California Raisins= serial killers

    i love layer #7 and #11. and the martin grant. the whole thing is so cool. a great piece to add to your resume/portfolio!

    Leggings aren't so bad. It's when they have stirrups on the end that I start breaking out in hives.

    I also like the Martin Grant houndstooth hoodie-coat. There's just something about houndstooth...

    Oh, I wanted to say before I hit post that Neil you should definitely watch PR. Right now, I'm all about Michael Knight...not to be confused with Knight Rider Michael Knight. The PR Michael Knight is a wonderful, wonderful kick-ass designer, and I hope he wins it all.

    Dear Coquette,

    My first ever trip to Paris is this weekend (staking out the place before I actually move there next month). I'm coming along with a friend who's booked us a hotel in the Marais, and I was wondering what you could recommend in the way of clubs? We saw a rather attractive advertisement for (ahem) Queen Club on the Av Champs Elysees...

    I'm the worst to ask for clubs! Can anyone else here chime in? My sister said she went to Queen during the week and it was really fun. (I don't think it's what it used to be, but isn't that often the case?)

    Paris Paris is overrated but if you can stomach the screening process at the door (oh, the attitude!) you'll at least have an interesting story out of it, I assure you. The one thing that is great about Paris Paris is that you feel like you're at a really cool small party. I mean, I've only been once so I'm half going on heresay.

    I wasn't sure if I'd have been xenophobic by implying there would be a screening process. I tend to get deer caught in headlight syndrome. Although the aforementioned friend is a manager at an incredibly snooty Regent St, eurotrash restaurant in London, so hopefully some training will be dispensed.

    *Sigh* I guess I won't be packing my trainers and football jersey.

    I'm not into clubbing but I went a couple of times to "Cab", Place du Palais Royal, and had a really good time there.

    Nouveau Casino and Flèche d'Or are the most interesting places in Paris. Truskell, Tryptique and Troisième Lieu: the other Golden Trinity. Cab sucks (That's my personnal opinion), so does Queen (apart, perhaps, on sunday nights). Check out other alternative places like Andy Walou. And for an unforgettable before: La Perle (Just to check out how wanna-be cool and hype Paris can get...)

    I'll make sure to wear the appropriate footwear

    I guess you should delete the comment before mine, but nice to know you are right !!!

    Follow up comment to clubbing. Queen charged us 10 euros a beer, we were so drunk and outraged that we stormed out. The night went downhill from there and we ended up being chased by the French army...

    I wish I was joking.

    Hi there! I've followed your blog for a while - huge fan!

    Incidentally, did you work with Gillian Koenig at Chicago Mag? I think she was on a 4-month assignment for the fall fashion issue. She's a good friend of mine from Medill days -- it'd be such a hoot if you did know her! :)

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