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    Hey, I dance like that too! And get made fun of for it.

    I love your blog. Have read through most of your archives. I've added your link to mine. Hope you drop by sometime and say hello! :o)

    thank you for the music!

    Ain't it fun?

    Ah, yes, the fashions of 1972! It was a very good year. Weird, but cool song...

    Her site is fabbo-

    Yes, it's really cool (though it's obvious she can't sing, but as you say she's so pretty she can be forgiven) - btw her name is Mareva not Mereva :-)

    Thanks Ana, when I was a factchecker they used to take writers in the basement and do scary things when you spelled a name wrong.

    Uh, scary! Don't worry, I wouldn't do that :-)

    Well, you can all have your fun, but I love her voice, And the way she moves. But then, I grew up with and loved Judy Garland and Liza (especially on French TV when she sang in French).

    What a zippy little site she has! Too much fun - thanks for sharing.

    Is it just me, or does "Pourquoi pas moi?" sound like something that should have been in the movie "8 femmes"?

    Laurent Baffie (on Theirry Ardisson's show Tout le monde en parle) ripped this girl apart when she was a guest a few weeks ago. At first I felt bad for her, but then I started thinking about how the song has nothing to with her, her generation, or her current age... Finally, I find it irksome when a pretty face with no musical talent (IMHO) gets enough financial backing to release an album and a video where she sings about hoping to be rich someday. But I guess that's the industry.

    OK, so I bit and watched the video. You're right - it is very Wes Anderson, and a good video. But dammit if I can't get that song out of my head now. Grrr.

    If French people don't get Mareva it's because they're missing the part of their brain where "kitch" is processed (and appreciated). She is *so* cute! The video concept and styling is *so* cool. I totally have a crush on Mareva. I want to shopping in St. Tropez with her in matching micromini dresses and big floppy sun hats.

    Hey! I have a dress like that. It's purple with blue flowers on it. I bought it at a vintage store. Its a fun outfit to wear. So bright. Yeah Vintage clothing.

    "she sings ok"?!

    Thanks for the terrific link to Mareva..was she wearing Vintage Correges do you think in that number...?

    I LOVED that video, and the website, and Mareva.
    Oh, and I know where it's been filmed. Pierre Cardin's house in Theoule-sur-mer. Perfect setting!

    More info on "Palais Bulles":

    Pourquoi pas?

    Hello, I discovered your site because you talked about Mareva and I'm looking for informations about her.
    Have you seen on her website the scopitones ? They're fantastic ! I don't know if the word "scopitones" existed in english but it France scopitones were first music videos during the sixties. They're incredible because I've the impression they made in the sixties !

    A bientôt. Very good site.


    Sad you could not come to the Pique Nique, se you next time I hope !

    Romanbrent, I actually read about that online somewhere. Darn, I wish I had seen it.

    Paris breakfasts, her boyfriend must have designed the clothes, right?

    Moi, Grazie for the link. That place is so cool.

    Negrito, I see the picnic photos on you blog, but I wasn't invited!

    Pierre, thanks!

    As I listened to the song (without the video) I imagined Virginie Ledoyen and Catherine Deneuve prancing around in a big ole mansion...I agree with Katie's comment above, it is a very "8 Femmes" song.

    oh gosh! thanks for that link! the video is so cool! so "salut les copains", love it! looks like it was filmed in pierre cardin's bubble villa in cannes... the danding also reminds me of the party scene in two for the road :-)

    the song is very "8 femmes" but not the video to me.. 8 femmes was in the 50s, this is very 60's

    Funny video; but questionable musical talent. (I really dig the original song by Stella, from 1963.) Visually pretty entertaining. I think that April March does a better reprise of these old songs, though.

    Yeah, I haven't heard the original... I need to get on that.

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