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    I could so not sit "correctly" in France. I used to be jealous of the girls who could sit like that.

    The **only** way a lady should sit in public is with knees together and ankles crossed. Never cross at the knee. (shudders at the vulgarity).

    Also, Square Jaw stole two flags.

    Woe me! I must be French! You caught me doing the naughty eagle thing, right here, with my laptop on my legs... but "yogic" almost suggests that it might be related to exercizing, which is just impossible...

    Ha! Well, I think it always looks so cute. Like you're a wee little marionette that can just fold right up at the joints.

    I like how you notice these little details. You know what's really cute too? The way American girls lift their chin up when they smile, almost victoriously. I have been practicing doing that for a while, but it still look a little ackward on my French smile... ma foi...

    I took a picture on le 14 juillet with four french friends and I'm the only one chin lifted! That's so funny.

    Teach us! Teach us!

    Do you have some pictures from July 4 to show us??

    How do you come up with these things?!! Cheerleaders...crossed legs...Michelin stars. This is why I love you!! By the way, have been loving the Antonia Fraser Marie Antoinette book your website recommended.

    Screw the cheerleaders - I'm still giggling over the image of jazz hands in front of the mirror!

    J, sorry I don't. But, I have something even better from July 14: video. Just trying to figure out how to upload it.

    Enticed by the Apple, Isn't the bio great?

    *jazz hands*

    Us American girls do the chin lift thing so as not to have the dreaded pahtom double chin apear when the pictures are developed!!

    As for the yogic leg crossing, I've only seen stick figured girls who can do this. I would surely break my shins if i even tried.

    Faboo post, hope you did something equally as fun for Bastille Day!!

    My best friend, in highschool, used to sit like that... she was a size two.

    Great post.

    Katie, don't be to hard on American girls... and maybe we can do the crissy crossy thing with the legs because we started doing it as a toddler and developped this freakish anatomical monstruosity, like chinese gymnasts? What would an x-ray reveal? Spiraled tibias? An extra articulation in the knee?

    Formedable - you have a point! Do you think If I start positioning my 5 month olds legs this way, she'll grow up, all slender and pretty, able to sit like une petite fille française?! Cracking up at how my pediatrician would probably bonk me over the head for ruIning her kneecaps instead.

    this entry is the perfect example of why i love reading this blog. the visual imagery of girls sitting in pretzel-like positions had me falling off my chair with laughter. awww!

    well, i'm not french and nor is the friend i'm going to refer to, but a friend and i both realized we did this recently! with the wierd leg and ankle crossing and tucking. how funny!


    i always sit like that. weird. but if i'm not screwed up like i've been in a car crash i dont feel right sitting at all.

    Haha- I keep trying the elegantly seated French pretzel thing, but to no avail. I just can't say no to gateau :)

    you had me at 'the robot', partly because i too, do the robot, in front of the mirror or just randomly around the apartment, or occasionally on dance floors...jazz hands sound really fun too, ill try that next time.
    this post was so funny! you had such a fun 4th! i walked through the petanque championship in soho last week for bastille day and it felt very french, very parisian..

    Cheerleaders? Seriously? That's hilarious!

    My left knee just started making this strange clic-clac noise when i go up the stairs... related? unrelated?

    There's a petanque championship in Soho? Where do they hold it?

    Awwww...I love to flash the jazz hands as well! I've never tried the smoking guns but, I am partial to a little Mr. Roboto every now and then. :0)

    it's near 6th avenue south...Macdougal St at Prince Street, this restaurant named Provence has it, and they set up petanque courts that cover the whole street (it's a small street), and champagne is flowing (i think it might be sponsored?). Picture cute old french men (and cute young french men ;)) some with team t-shirts on playing in the street with a french flag banner waving. it really feels like you are in france, bc that street is so quaint as it is.

    On TV< if you watch that show where they pit one French city against another, they have a gaggle of cheerleaders there too! A la vache!

    "I might look in the mirror and have a shootout with myself, then do a little robot until the enthusiasm bursts up through my fingertips into jazz hands."

    Love it. I'm so glad I came across your blog today. Good stuff.

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