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    I can't tell you what flowers they are but they really are delightful! I think it was a very thoughtful thing for your friends to send a lovely non-funereal arrangement for your family home because the right flowers really do create a bright spot in an otherwise lousy week. Someone did that for us when my grandmother died and it really made a difference.

    I think your observation on you starting to notice the small details in life -- like how wonderful flowers are -- is a good one. I do think as we mature emotionally, we stop being so self-focused and obsessed with our own little world and we start being more in tune with the larger world around us. When I was young I never paid attention to current events (Vietnam and Watergate were faint blips on my radar during my early life) or to the pain and suffering of others if I didn't know them. Now it's entirely different; I've learned not only to notice things but to have an opinion about them too. I think it's the difference between being ON the world and being OF the world: "on" it means you're just taking up space like most people, and "of" it means you're a contributor and participant.

    Big difference, eh? So welcome to the world -- flowers are just the beginning!

    welcome back, coquette! and, as i am sure you have realized, you couldn't have picked a better day to come back to paris!!! can you hear that cheering??? it's insane!!! america has never experienced anything like this!!!

    x, cassi

    I'm excited for the people who care about football. I can def. hear the cheering. I came home tonight and watched the end of the game. It's funny because I called my Dad and he was watching 2 minutes behind because he had DVR and had rewound one part, so I told him about the Zidane goal and he didn't believe me, and then I heard him see it. He was v. excited. He basically comes home from work every two hours to watch soccer these days.

    I definitely related to your 'flower' post. Until recently, I wasn't much of a flower person. I always wondered why women were so into flowers. After all, they rarely lasted more than a week. And you know men -- always practical! But then I began to realize that this was part of the point. Flowers have no point other than their beauty and symbolism. And flowers are amazingly versatile because they add meaning to both sad events, like funerals, and happy ones, like weddings. And giving flowers is always the best way of getting a woman who is pissed off at you to forgive you. I wish I had learned more about flowers earlier in life. It would have solved a lot of problems.

    Good to see you back, Coquette!

    For the flowers, my guess would be (but it's a very wild guess) that they are all some sort of lilies. I have no idea for the aromatic plant, though (the greyish branches)...

    An elegant bouquet, indeed!

    the French name for these flowers is 'jacinthes', (I think you call that Hyacinths in English)

    I'm sure that the flower in the middle toward the back is a hyacinth. But I'm not sure that's what the other flowers were...maybe a diff variety of hyacinth?

    It's just a wild guess, but the shape of those flowers remind me of honeysuckle.

    I'm pretty sure the grayish white leaves are Dusty Miller.

    Watch out: interest in horticulture of any kind is the first sign of middle age!

    Alicia, it could be pink honeysuckle, I just looked at some photos.

    Heather, it's def. Dusty Miller! I love how it's so graphic and vaguely sealife looking.

    RJ, early onset middle age. Figures.

    My guess for the prominent pink flowers are some species of orchid. I guess this because they are so abundant in Florida in the summertime.

    (Is it pathetic that the sender of the flowers doesn't know the flowers?!) For perhaps the first time of my life, I didn't try to act like an expert with the florist. I squashed those control-freak impulses and let her work her magic. I was adamant about only one thing: that they be pink.

    And I LOVED Neil's statement regarding men using flowers as a tool in their belt. Indeed, flowers are the way to a woman's heart. I'm not proud of it, but I'm helpless to resist a spectacular arrangement of cut flowers. A strategically planned flower delivery turned my now-husband from summer fling to long-distance boyfriend.

    Like I said, I'm not proud of it.

    I think they're pink azaleas. But I'm guessing.

    Thanks everyone! To further add to the mix, Jeanne, who used to work for a florist and went to agricultural school, is saying Jacinthes.

    They are pink nerine lilies and hyacinths. (

    [I too used to be a florist and tend to an urban garden]

    My condolences, Elisabeth.

    Ah HA! Bingo. Thanks, Tatyana.

    I've come to solve the mystery once and for all. I sent the picture to my favorite florist in Vero Beach, Florida and her answer follows: The large center flower is a pink hyacinth surrounded by nurine lilies. The filler is commonly called gray ghost plant and she doesn't know the botanical name.
    Hope this solves the puzzle!

    Oh wow, nice work Aunt Pat! Who is your favorite florist in Vero?

    Lynn at Hutchinson's Floral Artistry on Ocean Drive - right near Corey's. Lynn and her partners used to work at Holiday House (was by Designer Hardware.) When that closed, they bought Hutchinsons which was already established, but not doing great. Now they're doing well and putting out nice arrangements. :)

    These flowers were really cute. One can never see it's real beauty without taking a closer look. Thanks for sharing.


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