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    "I saw Salmon Rushdie at the gym!

    No, no. I kid. But that would be awesome."

    You have an odd idea of awesome. Normal people are grateful to NOT see Salmon Rushdie at the gym -- or, for that matter, in the pool, taking a shower, at the beach or really any other context in which he might plausibly present himself in an advanced state of undress...

    Ha! Did you see the Guy Trebay article in the Sunday nytimes?

    c'est bien americain, tout ca. glad again i'm here, not there.

    Can´t imagine Salman at the gym.
    no .. really.....just like...Umberto Eco on a snowboard. it´s just hard to imagine....even if i try harder....oh i´m sweating :) so i did...i tried my best:)

    Just read on IMDb that Alain Delon was offered the role of Louis XV. If that's true, I'm sorry that he didn't take it. I can't believe that it went to Rip Torn.

    Salman Rushdie, are you sure you want to see him ? I just struggled for more than one week trying to finish Midnight's Children and I gave up when I only had 50 pages to read on 500...

    Marie-Antoinette was a mystery for me when I was younger but the movie doesn't seem to reflect her life at all at least not from the preview. The movie sounds too American and not enough French, but maybe the preview was just really badly done and the movie is better. Tell us all about it !

    just a random comment: I waited on Salman Rushdie when I was a waitress in Times Square (NYC). I never imagined him in any kind of undress during the whole exchange.

    That is so exciting - not the thought of a sweaty Salman, ick- Marie Antoinette I mean. It's not out in the U.K until 2009 - maybe a slight exaggeration but so annoying. I will be in Paris from 16 - 25 June so I hope to see the film. Hope to see you then to discuss wigs, the genius of S.C, K.D as M.A and New Order's place in period drama's?!

    I read the Marie Antoinette bio about a year and a half ago, and was astounded by all the names I ran into "on" the streets. Can't wait to see it later this week and see what they emphasise fact or fiction. Especially as I ended up eating at a table next to Sofia Copola when they were filming in town!

    And now I have to know where you work out!! oh wait... how about I just see some nice looking guy reading a Salman Rushdie book :)

    Yes, the Antonia Fraser book has been sitting on my bookshelf for about 3 years now...

    I'm quite excited about this film (in part because of the New Order soundtrack!), however it doesn't open here until October.

    everybody is obsessed with marie-antoinette! i've been counting the days for like one year.

    "And now I have to know where you work out!! oh wait... how about I just see some nice looking guy reading a Salman Rushdie book :)"

    Yes, but then won't his chances of being an idiot just have increased dramatically?

    I am also quite excited for this movie. Love Sofia, loathe Kirsten Dunst.

    Also a little bit of movie gossip, I guess Sofia's ex Spike jonze is doing an adaptation of Where the Wild things are. Nothing to do with France but exciting all the same.

    i want to see this film too. i also want to speak french well enough so that i can understand more than the bloody meteo. its getting boring!

    Oh, very smart to mention Salman Rushdie! Now anybody who types his name in google is going to end up on your blog, ha!

    Of course, I want to see Marie Antoinette too! I'm such a big fan of Sofia Coppola. Plus, you know how we French are curious to see how Americam film directors see French history. Though S. Coppola is definitely NOT like any other American film director :-)

    Hmm, in the case of Salman Rushdie, I think a few more sites are going to come up before my blog.

    Well, you never know!

    I'm shocked that so many people are looking forward to this movie...I've only seen the trailer thus far, but it brings to mind a teeny-bopper period piece with Jessica Simpson in the lead sporting the deathly continental accent. (I fear these words will come back to haunt me one day...)

    The soundtrack alone discourages me...rock/alternative and period pieces generally don't work as a rule of thumb...(at least in my book). Crikey.

    Medina, you are so adorably curmudgeonly. For all I know it could be me eating my words.

    You've gotta be kidding about the Jessica part though.

    Prepare for disappointment...the Croisette buzz is that the movie is all-fluff. Apparently, the revolution only get's 15 minutes at the very end. No one understand the 80s soundtrack, but it's supposed to look good. But don't all period films?

    Seeing Salman Rushdie at the gym is a Seinfeld reference.

    Craig, was that a guess, or am I making subconscious references now?

    GdP, the croisette buzz can suck it. Okay, I am begingin to prepare myself for it being not so strong on story. I guess. I'm fine with the music. I love the music, in fact.

    Has no one noticed that portraying Marie Antoinette as a fun-loving sensualist with which all poufiasses the world over can identify is, from the perspective of French republicanism, a supremely reactionnary and counter-revolutionary gesture.

    Just thought I'd mention it.

    You must have read the "Sophia is God" article in this week's France, the woman can do no wrong.

    Coquette, must've been a subconscious reference. From the episode "The Implant":

    KRAMER: You know who I saw at the health club? Salman Rushdie.

    ELAINE (laughing): Yeah right, Salman Rushdie. Yeah well, I can see that - you got five millions Moslems after you, you wanna stay in pretty good shape.

    Then it goes on with no one believing Kramer, and he ends up in the sauna with Salman, who, after some prodding, introduces himself as Sal Bass, presumably to protect his identity.

    RAMER: Jerry, are you blind? He's a writer. He said his name was Sal Bass. Bass, Jerry! Instead of salmon, he went with bass! He just substituted one fish for another!

    Non! Ce n'est pas possible - Coquette has traded her beloved bonbons for Laduree macaroons?

    Hey, I embrace my curmudgeonly...ness, thank you very much! :0) Kirsten Dunst = Jessica Simpson's acting ability...with tiny teeth. I generally avoid any movies with her in the lead. And she seems to play the same character over and over again. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was the best thing that ever happened to her. But even then, she played herself in the movie. How fun, play yourself over and over again. Yeah!

    Haha. I've love to see Salman Rushdie at the gym.

    Erm, may I respectfully submit? That the Polignac thing is a myth? The Duchess de Polignac died of cancer shortly after learning about the death of Marie-A. The Princess of Polignac was an heiress and (notable) lesbian and artistic patron in the late 19th c. Ah, but the myth is so much more deliciously gruesome ...

    You've got me excited to see the movie. While I think the soundtrack will distract the hell out of me, I love SC and I looove Kirsten Dunst, despite the naysayers.

    I think it is Princess de Lambelle (or something like that) that had her head on a pole...Polignac died abroad.

    I think it is Princess de Lambelle (or something like that) that had her head on a pole...Polignac died abroad.

    I think it is Princess de Lambelle (or something like that) that had her head on a pole...Polignac died abroad.

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