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    What beautiful pictures! Some of these photos could easily be paintings. Really nice. Oh, and I love the house too. Very cozy and welcoming. :)

    Moped? Dude, Etienne would so kick your butt if he read that.

    He bought a MOTORCYCLE!

    I guess it's a good thing to know you have the venue for where you'll be holding your wedding all squared away-- You know, one less thing to worry about.

    Because HOLY HELL is that gorgeous!!! Stunning. Like, how do you not plaster your walls with photos of that beautiful place?

    (I won't ask how your father could have ever left it for Florida because a) I just got the copy of Chicago magazine he sent to me and am so grateful (you are SUCH a genius fashion writer) and b) we all know what strange geographies the power of love can drag us to.

    Just gorgeous! It looks like such fun -- love the pictures of you and Aimee and everyone in the living room. Thanks for posting the album!

    Vous. Avez. De. La. Chance! Les Guerets is a captivating place!

    Those are great pictures. Well done!

    I don't suppose you need another redhead in the family? If so, I absolutely volunteer! What a gorgeous place. Thank you transporting me far far away from my dreary office job.

    Tres, tres lovely.

    And those cats are ridiculously adorable.

    So pretty. It makes me yearn for my "place in France". What a wonderful place to visit.

    how could you tear yourself away from there? i'd relocate in a second! but again, i dont live in Paris, so i'd relocate there first.. :D

    belles photos!!

    Omigod Elizabeth, you are too sweet. Glad the mag arrived safely and you are RIGHT, so right that I need a pic of the farm in my apartment. For the love of Chi! (or for the love of terroir, pick your religion!)

    But where's the fashion??

    By the way, I love reading your blog! I stumbled upon it by accident and now I enjoy reading it almost every day. I'm American too but I don't live in Paris... yet! My husband is French so we'll be back in France as soon as we can work it out! Anyway, great blog! Et trés belles photos!

    So charming! So FRENCH!

    I envy your life. Le sigh.

    Oh man, how ludicrously lovely. I'm so jealous! I wish desperately for French family, though I shouldn't complain since I do have relatives scattered across Tuscany. But they are in cities, and I speak french, not italian.
    My first trip to France was for a month on exchange in Le Mans after 8th grade. I have very odd memories of the area....This looks way better! (BTW, I *love* boudin noir. Is that bad?)

    When I read all the comments I realize that the world is upside down... American people wish to live in France and French people wish to live in America or atleast leave France... We are never happy with what we have... :)

    I found this blog by mistake an I will come back here on purpose next time. Yep, I really like this blog ... And very nice pictures

    That kitten is way too adorable for words. Kind of reminds me of Boris. I just hope it's smarter than Boris is. And the rest of the photos are breathtaking.

    This looks like absolute heaven! I can feel the warmth and loveliness of your family. And I can tell you enjoy your life in France to the fullest! I don't even know you, but it makes me happy that you are enjoying yourself so much there. I love your writing and your blog. Thank you so much for sharing these photos...

    every picture could be a truly looks as though it is right out of a storybook. and it appears the weather was beautiful as well. but im sure it's no less beautiful even when it's raining.

    Oh my, lovely.

    The pics were lovely - but Sonja's "le sigh" just gave me the giggles.

    I'm jealous! What a magical place.
    The grips of winter have only just been released where I'm at and I do long for some bloom. I do see some buds appearing on bushes and trees, however... any day now, any day now.
    PS. Reading your blog is a great pleasure! Keep up the good work :-)

    Coquette -- Les Guerets is surreal. I can't believe how FAKE it looks because it's so beautiful (what a sad life we lead that such beauty immediatley makes me wonder which WB lot you were on...).

    I don't know how you managed to pull yourself away, and honestly >> that last photo titled 'domesticity' reminds me of a modern day...whatsitcalled...that there book that was really popular and Kiera Knightly just made it into another movie with Mr. D'Arcy. PRIDE & PRE. in France!

    You have an excellent eye for photography. Thanks for sharing.

    Dear Coquette:
    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. You have a lovely family, and Les Guerets is a beautiful place.

    I never hated you for living in Paris but I'm beginning to hate you for these enviable trips to the country. ;)

    You have some great compositions (the hats, the boots, the red door). Keep it coming!

    I'd found your blog the beginning of the year and stupidly forgot to put you in my Favorites, but luckily found you again today and have you in there now.
    As a confirmed Francophile and having been to Paris and the countryside many times for many years, I just wanted to say your photos are fantastic! The composition is the epitome of being in France and as I looked at them, momentarily I felt I was back there. What a gorgeous home and the grounds/farm is beautiful. I'll be back often to visit.

    Gorgeous photos.. I would love to go there.

    What a beautiful and interesting landscape! You have an exciting visit to the farm. The flowers, the cows, the birds, all looks fresh and charming. How I wish I could visit this farm in the future. Congratulations to your happy days and your nice work for photos.

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