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    Weird! We were at dinner in Montreal on Friday night...when out of the blue, the French women started comparing what each one of them was carrying in her respective purse.

    We may have been channelling you. Or the other way around. I didn't want to be a sheep and so didn't do what they were doing (but I really wanted to...)

    I wanna play this game (cus I have nothing better to do at work today, heh):
    - 2004 / 2005 & 2006 leather Agenda (I would capsize if I lost this)
    - Moleskin address book in black
    - banana
    - apple
    - 3 pens (for people who want my autograph)
    - box of Elastoplast Heavy Fabric bandages (hello summer shoes)
    - sunglasses (I wear glasses, so these are just pretend)
    - MAC tinted lip conditioner in pink
    - MAC clear lipglass
    - MAC lip liner chestnut
    - Rosebud strawberry lip balm
    - a mirror
    - wallet
    - two hair elastics (black, please)
    - a small jewelery bag filled with bobbypins
    - mobile
    - extra battery for mobile
    - pocket pack Kleenex
    - GoC taxi chits
    - a 28 page letter to Heather in Australia who I've not spoken to in over two years (we're trying to get caught up).

    that was fun!


    Ha, My friend just introduced me to flickr's "What's in my bag" group. This totally reminds me of that.

    ooh, i can't help it, i love making lists:

    - mobile phone
    - copy of "the east village inky" zine
    - sunglasses
    - keys
    - deerylou coin purse
    - map of cambridge, mass
    - datebook
    - poketo wallet
    - sample size aveda hand relief
    - aveda uruku cheek-lip creme in canna
    - bandaids
    - polaroid photo of my dog

    i want to join in on this...

    - 50's tortoise shell mirror
    - sunglasses
    - 3 black sharpies
    - bike keys
    - chanel red nail polish
    - one Twins baseball game ticket stub
    -aveda brillant brightening serum
    -cell phone
    -recent issue of Nylon
    - black/white geometric scarf

    coquette, i hope you are having fun while your parents are in town!

    Aha! The "empty your purse right now" meme!

    I'm strangely addicted to a French blog called 'Dans nos Sacs' that is devoted to examining the contents of purses- I guess it's a hot topic right now!

    fun! moi aussi:
    -apt. keyz
    -nars lipstick in dolce
    -peppermint chapstik
    -24 hr fitness membership card
    -target,tj maxx receipts
    -debit card
    -random change
    -extra polar ice gum
    -b12 tablets

    I have a website that I enthusiastically started, although been too busy to take photos, so if you want, send in your photo and list to

    oooooh Holly!! I'll send you a photo & I'm going to send your blog addy over to my best friend who is a true purse lovers. She owns three Luella's and can't pay rent can afford them.



    Sorry Coquette >> just trying to see if html works in your comments. Don't think it does :( don't use toilet paper if your parents aren't visiting?

    How was the bike tour? I only went to Paris once -- and that was 15 years ago -- but I would immediately assume that I wouldn't want to be bicycling on streets alongside French drivers.

    Was that American toilet paper or French? Are there toilets in France that don't come with toilet paper?

    Just curious!

    Matchboxes from restaurants? I was just talking with a friend of mine who spent years collecting matchboxes from restaurants and clubs, and now she can't find a single restaurant in California that still gives out matchboxes -- considering how smoking in America is seen as akin to murder.

    My new advice: Move to Paris.

    Neil is so right about the matchboxes. In California, folks look at you like you're nuts if you ask about matches -- especially in SoCal.

    I am curious about the toilet paper though.

    fat tire as in Fat Tire beer? favorite...but why's it on a ticket stub?

    The t.p. is because you can never be too safe in France. Some would say I am exagerating, but I have seen things....bad, bad, things.

    Although, was anyone else aware of the super clean (free!) restrooms outside the Jardin de Tuileries? So loving that discovery.

    Maha, sorry about the html, I'll look into that. Meanwhile, can I just say "Hair elastics, (black, please)" is my new favorite saying.

    Preya, I did not know about Fat Tire beer. This was the name of a bike tour we took here, the Fat Tire Bike Tour.

    Neil, that is seriously shocking to me. I don't even think I can wrap my brain around a place so healthy. But don't skinny actors smoke??

    p.s. It has occured to me in the past to just travel with a package of Kleenex like a normal person. But what if the tiny package of Kleenex ran out? What then? I am American, I prefer my purse tissue in bulk.

    LOL Chester!

    California's so weird (sorry. Well. Not really.) In a place where people fake and bake to no end (or sprayed ORANGE. WTF is that?), place copious amounts of dye on their scalp, and get sliced open so that someone can stick ass and/or boob implants in to their bodies...oh and the collagen and the liposuction and the removal of the bottom ribs to look smaller and on and on and on. THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO LOOK AT YOU WEIRD CUS YOU SMOKE?

    Wow. I didn't think my reaction could be so violent. I'm going there to smoke. That's all I'm gonna do. Shall slather on sunscreen 216 proof AND wear a hat that has a sign protruding from it which reads: SAY NO TO PLASTIC SURGERY all the while blowing smoke in people's faces and poking their fake boobs. I may even eat poutine while there just to freak people out.

    But. I do love that TV show: The O.C. 'cus I'm a wee bit of a wanker that way.

    Oh my god I've had way too much caffeine.

    Coquette - If there's one fashion faux-pas that should have never come to fruition, it's the squishy colourful hair elastic. Even for little girls. (Just 'cus they're little, it doesn't mean they have to look stupid.)

    I need to go find someone nice to rub off on me this afternoon.


    Contents of my pockets:

    - keys
    - money

    If I were in Paris, there'd be a few metro tix in there fer sure...

    What was the bike tour like? Did you feel cheesy doing it?

    One thing I don't miss about Paris and that's the only thing are the "bathrooms". Not only, do you have to pay to use them, but they are not really clean or equipped with essentials such as toilet papers. That and the disgusting madame-pipi [no idea if that's an official word, but that's how my friends and I called them]

    No-one cares, but I can't resist!
    Bag contains:

    * Mac lipglass in "ooh baby"
    * wallet(inside: $16 and three DC metro farecards)
    * letter from boyfriend
    * totoro keychain and keys
    * student ID
    * pink lizard agenda
    * melocoton lipbalm
    * small mesh bag contining highlighers and a pen

    "De nouveaux calculs

    Malgré la douleur qui ne cesse de tenailler mon oreille droite, je reste figé sur le pallier, à écouter les bruits. Ecouter les cris un petits peu plaintifs d'une femme qui se fait prendre... Et les petits cris, un peu enthousiaste d'un homme assez vieux. Malgré tout, je trouve le sexe de plus en plus dégueulasse. Répugnant. Alors leurs cris, leurs "j't'encule salope t'aime ça!" et les "oh oui prend-moi bien profond!" ne me font que très peu, à présent d'effet."

    La suite sur

    This must be the week parents descend on their adult children. Everyone keeps e-mailing me descriptions of their parental visits over the last few days, but none have provided these in the form of a clever zeugma. Cheers!

    You totally have to post pictures to Flickr's What's In Your Bag group!

    Oh, is a purse a handbag?
    Thought it was v. clever to get all that stuff in there....

    Hi! This post has nothing to do with what's in my purse, but I saw no other way to contact you. I'm a big fan of your blog and am actually coming to Paris for a quick visit with some friends next month. Don't worry, I'm not going to go all "fan" on you and ask you to meet me somewhere for a drink (although if you have nothing better to do...), but I was wondering if you could give me some tips on the city. Good places to eat, cheap/cool places to shop, etc. Thanks!

    And, just to be polite...
    - cell phone
    - fake Balenciaga wallet
    - keys
    - iPod and headphones
    - assorted pens
    - Victoria's Secret lipgloss
    - Compact
    - Small calendar
    - French phrase book (I'm practicing...:))

    I see you carry a corkscrew with you, so I assume you have French wine fairly often. How do the low-grade French wines compare to what we have in America?

    PS My college French teacher clued our class in to your site for grammatical purposes, mainly about the French being "excited" and not saying "Je suis excite."

    How fun! You are so prepared. In my handback:

    errant dollar bills
    my mini computer drive
    three different lip glosses
    one aspirin
    dog-eared slip of paper with circled new restaurants in my neighboorhood
    leaky pen

    this is my bag, more like a tote that i carry around during the work week...not as exciting as the contents of a purse.

    -new yorker
    -book (fast food nation)
    -lorac concealer
    -tampons (not afraid to share that,always good to keep one handy)
    -vaseline (old school lipgloss)
    -loose change
    -gloves (no need for those anymore)
    -mini bar of soap from Public bar/restaurant in Nolita
    -several hot pink post it notes with mini-lists of things to do

    Colin, I feel old! I don't even think I knew what a blog was when I was in college. Re: Low grade wines, you have to go pretty cheap to get a bad one here. Like 2 euro bottles are iffy, but I think you can get a bottle for 3 euro et normalement ca passe, quoi.

    Shannon, Fast Food Nation is good, huh?

    At least you didn't find any mold from half eaten stuff :)

    Why do we need all this stuff? I carry: wallet with $63, small day planner, loreal lipstick, little bottle of lotion, hairbrush, asthma inhaler, and sunglasses in a hard case. I clean out my purse religiously every day because I can't stand to carry everything I own in it. I put away the small change. I had my purse stolen many years ago and lost all the pics, etc. and have been obsessive ever since.

    Its a lot cheaper to buy a generic battery for my ibook rather than buying one from the apple store...has anyone had any problems with a generic one? do they work the same or are they a lot worse?

    Step back and brighter!

    Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning.

    What a big list that person did, I can believe someone can save a lot of things inside her purse, I think I'm a practical woman.

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