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    Hey, we also have Runaway Project in Paris! It's aired on Téva every Friday night.

    Love your blog!

    Love me some Topher Grace. Mmmm Hmmm... now that I can't have Zach Braff officially, my love for Topher will grow.

    Project Runway. So addictive.

    Time out. We have Runaway Project here?! I need a tv!!

    "La Coquette... [dramatic pause]'re EEN! You can leave the runway."

    It's official - Heidi Klum loves La Coquette.

    I went to middle school with Topher Grace back when he was known as Chris. He was quite the little pipsqueak back then; he played the narrator in our school's production of "Our Town."

    Oh ma cousine--- you are headed back to your true home--- non?

    And mercy buckets for the link to M.Pierlot. I had way too much drool kicking around in my mouth and needed to spill.

    Ohhh the Toph. My roommate and I were so excited when we heard he was moving to NYC last spring...but we still haven't seen him. Maybe someday...he's a private guy. But I guess that's part of the Toph allure.

    More importantly, who is this Claudie Pierlot and why isn't there a shop in NY? It's SO perfect. It's EXACTLY what I fantasize about wearing but thought was impossible to find under one label, in one store. Looking at this collection, I experienced the same excitement I did last week while browsing A.P.C.'s spring/summer '06 collection online. But this is better. Claudie is like the love child of A.P.C. and Paul and Joe. I would wear anything from the summer '06 collection.

    Hell, I would wear the shopping bag!

    i agree with Shannon i would totally wear the shopping bag it would be pretty kickin to. but for the most important question do they sell Claudie any were in the states? I MUST KNOW! Loved it all, thanks for the site

    Ah, so many opportunities to say things about wearing bag, but for some reason it feel weird to post any of them on a pink blog :) JK

    Nice blog.

    Ok, so I'm totally loving the Claudie Pierlot. Coquette, thanks for the link. I also concur on the shopping date at Bon Marché (who wouldn't?!?). I am not, however, so much into the whole Topher Grace obsession. I think it's all the 70's Show my head he is, and forever will be, a big weenie. Je suis vraiment desolée.

    The Topher I love was the one I drooled over in P.S. with Laura Linney. Yum.

    I love for my daydream crushes to speak French to me...

    Hello! I so love your blog! I've enjoyed reading through your posts. I just ADORE the shoes and sweater.

    I could definitely use a little Topher Grace. Also a little Adam Levine, now that I think of it.

    You mean to tell me it's over between you and Romain Duris?! Daymn! And here I was thinking what a cute couple the two of you were...

    I really don't know what draws me to this website, Coquette. This was the most girly post I've ever read in my life. Topher Grace? Claudie Pierlot? Who?

    I would think that while you're in Chicago, you'd write at least ONE post about those spicy hot dogs or NASCAR.

    you need a drink with me in the hemingway when you come back

    I think there are Claudie Pierlot stores in NY and Seattle. London too. It's listed on the site under "contact"?

    Shannon, I am going to start calling him The Toph now, kind of like The Piv. (The love child of A.P.C. and Paul & Joe--awwww, yeah. That is so right on).

    Poulette, I haven't forgotten Romain!

    Neil, fashion nerdism is the new NASCAR.

    Adrian, We'll talk off the board (I've always wanted to say that! Makes me feel so...secrety.)

    Longtime Lurker!

    As I read this post I thought, "ugh! Topher??" And then later when I saw this picture of him in this months Vanity Fair I thought, "Mmm, Topher."

    Louboutins and Topher in one picture? If you haven't seen it:

    Is that Tom Hanks in that photo...???

    Ooh, thank you Ashleigh! I had not seen it!

    Ok....I am a little mad at you now that you have turned me on to Claudie Pierlot and I am having trouble finding an on-line site that sells her. However, having seen many pics of you, I agree that this line is so YOU! You must buy every piece.

    Thanks for highlighting this brand! I just recieved my Claudie Pierlot sweater ordered from Ebay and the quality, fit, etc. is perfect in every way.

    topher is hot i liked him in win a date with tad hamiton and in p.s he is sexy in thougts movies.

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