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    Welcome back! Always a pleasure to read your blog...

    Fantastic, as always.

    Btw...last year I was lucky enough to see Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon interviewing each other ([email protected]/4935778/) as part of MPR's Literary Friendships series. They were disgustingly cute.

    I'm pretty certain that this is your best post I read in the last 5 days. The Air France stewardess description is so accurate i'd to refrain from p...g my pants.

    At least your luggage made it with you. Air France likes to lose mine.
    Welcome back!

    I happy that you're happy to be back in Paris. I wish I was in Paris right now. Lucky you.

    Wow! What a trek back to Paris! Great story though;)

    Thanks for such an amusing account. :)

    Is there a post that tells how you get to live in Paris? I am trying to get to Paris myself, but not sure of the logistics, as my husband and I are both american (an engineer and an artist).


    Welcome home! Soyez la bienvenue!

    Coquette is back in Lutece. All's right in god's heaven once again.

    *planning return visit-- sight of cathedral seen through your eyes made my heart leap*

    well that's from throwing all those coins in the fountain over your shoulder.... oh... wait... that's italy- nevermind--

    Such a blessing to love where you live!

    No welcome back sign hanging from the Eiffel Tower? The French are so cold.

    Welcome back coquette!
    Loved the French hair comment lol

    you big spolied brat. just shut up.

    so funny! i was laughing out loud at work. i can def relate. i've had some comparable airport- drama-for-an-international-flight of my own.

    but you got back to your favorite place! congrats!

    Welcome back, Coquette! I love to hear your Paris stories and missed you.

    In case you or your friends are traveling back to the States any time soon, a warning from a Frequent Flyer (me): Recently check-in times for flights TO the U.S. have gotten *ridiculous*. Arriving at the Paris airports two and a half hours before your flight is OFTEN too late these days. To be sure, you have to arrive three hours ahead of time. What a pain! (Unless you want to be bumped and get the later flight and the money.)

    Nice post. I had to laugh at the airport worker who offered a cheap sleeping alternative. How benevolent!

    I'm still baffled by the need to have people check in so early at the airport. So you get to the airport, check in your luggage, get through security (who are bored watching XRAY TV) , rush through the terminal...only to sit for two hours. The hell?

    I totally agree with Neil
    "Welcome back coquette!
    Loved the French hair comment lol"

    I had to actually spent an hour (2-3am) to check but theses photos in your last post, i am sorry to say that, are the worst from _all_ your blog, maybe some side effect from US. Most photos were actually quite stylish but theses ones..

    Live in France seen from foreigner's eyes, that quite nice to see, keep on blogging, plus i am also visiting Paris.

    What photos? Who are you talking to??

    haahahahahaa too funny.

    great post, glad to hear you made it back ok. that is to funny about the guy with the cheap sleep option. i can just see it Lanvins and all. willbe looking forward to hear about you parisian adventures

    Three things:
    (A) I think this is my favorite of all your blog posts. I am now doubly glad I voted for you in the blog awards!
    (B) I have never missed a flight in my life but I also felt 1.5 hours was more than enough time. Now I know better - thanks for sparing me some future flight fiasco!
    (C) My heart nearly exploded when I visualized your reaction to coming "home" to Paris. I have been working and waiting for the past two years to move to Paris and I know when it happens I will cry for days with joy and it will take me months to stop pinching myself in disbelief. Paris is where my soul wants to be.

    Welcome back and thanks for giving me something to smile about on a night when I am exhausted from editing a client's book for over 6 straight hours. I needed that.

    The signs should read "European Union Hair" and "All Other Hair."

    You should talk to them about implementing that.

    Hi, a friend just directed me to your blog and I just wanted to say that I enjoy it very much. I lived in Paris on the rue des Quatre-Vents- across from a noisy Canadian bar named the Spruce Moose, or some other amazing name- and I miss it so much! I did a lot of dog-sitting as well. So, congratulations on a lovely blog and enjoy the Parisian spring.

    lucky girl- glad you're back in the city of light! wholeheartedly agree with your description of Air France stewardii...

    Felicitations! Nous sommes tres heureuses que tu es bien arrive'e 'a Paris! And I understnd perfectly that feeling of suddenly having your heart in your throat as you come around a corner. How blessed you are!

    omg, had I known moist towelettes excited you so, I would have given you the one I got/saved from the Casino de Paris in Monte Carlo. It had great packaging.

    I can't get to sleep I've got Paris on my mind
    I could take a plane, then a train, and go underground for a while
    Then climb the Metro stairs up to Rue St. Michel
    La chanson sur la rue est très, très belle
    If I could close my eyes mes rêves me prendront là

    Theres nothing worse than hanging around an airport - nothing except maybe sitting next to an obese person on the plane!

    welcome back?

    Dude, I love moist towelettes. I always hide them under my napkin whenever the waiters come by at Red Lobster, that way I have nearly a never-ending supply by the end of the night.

    Been waiting for you to get back to paris. You show the side of it that most tourists miss. Don't worry about missing your flight. I've known 4 people who partied the night before and then slept through their non-refundable tickets the next morning.

    I don't know what sounded worst -- creepy guy with air mattress or the armrest hog. At least you made it back. Oh, and there must be something about the Miami airport. I went through there once and swore never again if I could help it.

    A friend who visits my blog mentioned yours >> you're an absolute riot.

    Have made the brutal mistake of reading this while at work and was obligated to deep breathe as I tried to laugh quielty. This means am currently typing while laying half on my a$$ on the ground and blacking out every few moments.

    Thanks for the smiles! You're bookmarked (how sexy) and I will link to you from my small space on the interWeb...


    glad you are back in Paris. My internet world is a little more in balance now. :)

    So glad you're back in your heartland! Did Elle mention that Ayelet Waldman writes for Salon? Because she does! So, just thought you'd like to know. Can't wait to hear about your new Parisian adventures.

    Welcome back!

    If you don't have any plans this evening, fancy coming over for some crèpes with a few friends of mine?

    Yay! So glad you made it home safely.

    Welcome Back ! A little late as usual ;-)

    Not only do I relate to the joyful feelings you describe here, but I concur also with ering's reply -- Paris is the place my soul wants to be, too. In fact, I've decided that after 3+ years of emotional devastation (new baby, divorce immediately after baby, recent dumping by first post-divorce boyfriend) enough is enough. I'm leaving on the 30th and spending a week as a germainopratin -- and if memory serves (I once lived in Neuilly for 6 months) I don't think even the predicted clouds and rain will prevent Paris from resurrecting some happiness in my bitter, broken heart! The question is, will I look silly sitting in a cafe reading my loaned copy of 'It's Called a Breakup Because it's Broken'?
    Glad you're safely home!

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