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    Um...these shoes (if shoes is the right word, because well "shoe" doesn't really quite cut it as far as I am concerned) are absolutely ADORABLE-HOT. I would have to buy them and then create an occasion around wearing them. That's all.

    oh delicious, sinful and surely something to later NOT regret!! love it.


    Now, Coquette, I know you're going to want to hit me on the head for saying this, but my initial impression was "Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers." Is that a fashion statement no-no?

    If Dorothy had had those, she would have never gone back to Kansas.

    *wolf whistle*

    gorgeous color!

    Oh you trollop!

    Are they not divine!?

    They're lovely. I do think, however, that you and your new shoes deserve better than Juergen Teller's harsh faux-amateur-porno strobes.

    YUMMY - at least I'm not the only one who can't stop photographing their shoes - it's like shoeporn but you actually get to wear them too!

    I'm picturing you having a Carrie Bradshaw moment when you saw the shoes in the window: "Hello, Lover!"

    Hey, you only live once. Enjoy them.

    personally, I like them !
    Unrelated , but I thought you should know
    Printemps Haussman is having a special marc jacobs jewelry and other trinklets collection for prices around 10-50 bucks , 4-14 february .

    Very Coquette! Don't wear them often enough to wear out the label!


    Fantastic, they are fantastic and I usually only like les bouts pointus did well Coquette.

    tres sexy! and love the low heal. no pain with pleasure here! you did very well.

    Lovely--no true lover of shoes could fault such a purchase!

    Mmmm... quite scrumptiously divine. Rouge fabuleux. Enjoy them!

    I wear athletic shoes and Crocs because I don't work in a profession that allows for anything but "sensible" shoes, and my feet kill me most of the time. But I say that these shoes constitute money well spent. If I had any reason to wear pretty shoes, I'd want a pair like these!

    Ohhh.... don't worry, just wear them, and feel very Very.

    TOE cleavage??

    You're bad, Coquette, very, very bad.

    Decadent: Marked by or providing unrestrained gratification; self-indulgent.

    Oooh to be so decadent to have a pair of ruby red slippers in my wardrobe ... *gasp* ... toe cleavage too!

    Just discovered your blog ~ I'll be back.

    Have you learned nothing from me?! Lavin is always worth it. I got the pink satin ballerines. We will toast Elbar together as soon as you get home.

    I do believe those shoes deserve their own party. Red cocktails, red food, red shoes.

    Toe cleavage is key in a pair of pumps.


    Very 21th-century-Scarlett-O'Hara, I love them!

    Very 21th-century-Scarlett-O'Hara, I love them!

    i love the sexy but youthful/girly dorothy vibe. those shoes can go from a classic gamine look to volupt, bombshell

    It's a sad comment on Chicago that shoes that fabulous made it to the remainder rack!

    PS I'd like to see a photographic exhibit of a shoe a day from your closet on your blog. of the arts of Paris I haven't photographed yet - SHOES. Lanvin could be a photo all its own. Loved the commentary, but it reminds me of an episode of Friends when Rachel buys boots she is forced to wear because of the price. Hope these are MUCH more comfortable then those.

    Those lovely me they don't look so Dorothy as much as they look Marie-Antoinette-ish (Sophia Coppola's version), but toned down a bit...

    Maybe not, but that's what they made me think of.

    Shannon, you? me? same wavelength! I told my friend Kathleen that Kirsten can borrow these for the premier if she wants.

    Oh, and in a strange Act III coincidence, I went to see Wicked last week in Chicago wearing these shoes, but only after making Kathleen promise that I wasn't going to look like a Dorothy groupie. She put the kibosh on the checkered dress, though.

    Yeah, those are hotter than hott. Nice work!

    scrumptious. but now i wanna see what you pair them with. can you manage to bridge the gap between hot shoes and hot matching outfit?

    alber elbaz is my hero and i would move to paris just for him. lanvin rocks and you are a lucky lucky girl!

    wait, i just had a realization, these beauties AND the YSL trophies from a while back reside in your closet all at once? your feet must be so conceded! they probably look better than the whole bodies of people back in the US! le sigh.

    I love these shoes! They are stunning!

    SO CUTE. Also, congratulations on the Bloggie nomination, I voted for you, baby!

    I have to say that I'm new to your blog and this was the first blog that I read tonight THAT CRACKED ME UP! Absolutely fabulously hysterical. We all buy things on impulse and gasp the next morning, but you know what, something in your fashion heart and mind must have had some reason for wanting them. Wear them with LURVE 'cause they are fabulous.

    These are the kind of shoes that can get you to the E.R. in no time around here. Frostbite they call it. Seriously. Did I say that here is Montréal?

    Congrats on your webbie nomination.

    Dear Mlle La Coquette,
    Your shoes are utterly charming, it would have taken a hard soul to resist such coquettishness.
    Enough of the small talk.
    When are you getting back on that plane? You are simply not blogging enough, is it the lack of amusing material, in the fastfood world and tall skyscrappers?

    Wow, I just discovered this blog and I could throw up. Get over yourself because you're deficient. Shoes aren't going to make you less ugly inside, and this blog isn't going to do the job either! It doesn't matter what influenced you; that's in the past and your values are eventually going to make you a slave, not a happy person. You're not an asset to Europe, and anyone who disagrees probably is ignorant. Say goodbye to Europe!

    I'm not an asset to Europe? Aww man. Call the board of tourism and take me out of the brochure.

    loads of us love your blog e.; keep up the good (and fun) work!

    i second that! this is the most fun i've had on the internet since i discovered instant messenger circa 1996.

    Can't. Stop. Staring. At. Your. Shoes.

    et Lanvin en plus!


    Holy mother of all that is good, pure, and shoe-related.

    They are just... my GOD lovely.

    Who is this Kaneda Shima?!
    You are an inspiration to blogging, and add joy and delight to a gray winter day. In fact you inspired me to blog myself. Now I am a compulsive blogger and have 3!

    ooooh gorgeous!!!!

    just think how lonely they would have felt if you left them in the shop:(

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