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    Ha ha, frog-eaters. It's so cute that your dad commented!

    Ha ha. I had no idea he did that until I read your comment. Daaad! Stop embarrassing me!

    Hey, I studied (am studying) French in the American school system and it makes perfect sense to me! That's a good picture of you, too. Enjoy Florida!

    nice use of the plus-que-parfait in the interview.
    I think it's interesting how differently we're taught to use 'y' and how often it's actually used. Personally, I find it challenging since it's a catch-all, so I all the more admire how natural your french is. I guess mine is becoming natural too, since I'm learning while living here in the Franche-Comte. Naturally redneck, that is. Yeah, shui la.

    Kelly, We did the interview in English! I'm going to go hide in a hole now. Believe me I sound very UNnatural when I speak French. Your ears would bleed.

    The only thing I'm good at doing is throwing in "quoi" at the end of a phrase while I think of the next thing to say. SO good at that. I'm totally the type of person that would mimic "Shui la," you know, to sound authentic.

    Janna, I'm glad someone is representing our country well.

    Coquette, you are hilarious! I totally love your writing style. Lucky you in Paris! J'adore Paris! I try to go once a year to keep up my French speaking skills. Anyway, love your blog, so keep it coming.

    Quoi?!? Get your ass back to Paris, bitch!

    Super article, congratulations! (And I only had to look up every 10th word - my French must be improving.)

    If you seriously want to write a book and want a little help, let me know. I think it's a great idea and urge you to go for it!

    Does your Dad read La Coquette too? LOVE that he commented.

    Coquette, can I have your Dad? Please, please, pretty please?

    "L'air est glacial. Le ciel est d'un blanc spermique du meilleur effet. Elle admire. Et s'en dégoûte."

    LA suite sur

    I'm don't want to add any new reading to my list but I love your blog already! What you said in the article about you is right- living in Paris would be a dream come true.
    And your dad commenting on the article is SO cute! Adorable.

    I keep meaning to leave a comment for you and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I just voted for you on the Webby thingamajig. :)


    Hmm, I only speak some Spanish but totally got the first few lines! YES!

    Coquette, if you get lonely for some real French culture while in Florida, may I suggest a visit to the French Pavilion at Disney's Epcot Center. It's almost like you're in Paris, except everyone is dressed unfashionable.

    Bonsoir Coquette! Where's your dad's commentthat everyone's been raving about? Dying to see what a cool dad would have to say about his daughter's funny blog. *Sigh* Wish I had a fun dad....

    Love that your dad commented - he rocks!

    Lovely article, and great photo of you.

    I love that the glass is empty, too ;-)

    the article was cute

    Nice to know that I'm not the only one who has problems wtih the French Consul in Miami...

    I agree entirely that the American school system does not prepare you to read anything in French. This is why I am happy to say it has only taken me 4 1/2 months of being here to understand the article. It's a great blog and don't let those Gators get you while you are down there. Freakish Florida boys that they are (my brother goes there). Best of luck in the competition.

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