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    Hmmm. I would probably have the look of disbelief because you ate McDonald's AFTER going to the gym. I have been known to give the same reaction to friends here in the U.S.

    Yes, it's the gym-McDo nexus that startles.

    I should say before I get into trouble that McDo was my idea in the first place, not Nathan's...but I've been brainwashed by living in France into thinking it's healthy! It's so counter-intuitive to what you would think in that most of my friends in America won't touch it.

    I blame it on Guigui--he goes swimming for exercise and then follows it with McDo almost daily.

    Good God, Coquette, thank you for verbalizing the theory I've had for years re the French and MacDo. I've never know how to express it, but now I do!

    Shit, you're working the elliptical machine. That burns mad calories which you've gotta replenish somehow.

    Might as well replenish glycogen stores with salty french fries.

    I gorge on Triscuits, myself, but there's really not much difference.

    maybe kirs are fattening...maaaybe... but surely they're not more fattening than macdo? i don't know, the ending of gym visit #1 sounds fine to me!

    I thought I was the only one who uses the word "ellipticize" to refer to the action of using the elliptical trainer! Or maybe it's a real word and I'm only suffering under the delusion that I semi-invented it...

    By the way, I am absolutely in love with your blog.

    mmf : 121 Calories in a Kir / 500 for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

    Liz : Where is the part when you said that that I am slender and fit !? ;-)
    Anyway, nobody is making fun of my poor me. That's cool.

    McDo AND kir... you're bad. I do have to admit, however, to using the same justification to my American friends about the McDonalds here.

    All fat calories aside, going to the gym with Nathan sounds like enough fun in and of itself. Kinda guy that makes a girl want to work out, ya know...

    In France I've seen people in McDo order carottes rapées or another salad starter together with their (normal size) burger and fries, a bottle of evian water, a brownie for dessert and an espresso for digestion. The food is the same, but the way it is eaten is healthier.

    what's kir?

    The French obsession with McDonalds is amazing. Ever try explaning to a French person that average American no longer actually eats at McDonalds? They just can't wrap their head around it!

    The frog McD's are much worse than in the US. Stuff stays under the heatlamps for hours, fries stay in unchanged oil,etc Believe it or not..

    A kir is a mix of white wine and french blackberry liqueur.
    A Royal kir is a mix of Champagne and blackberry liqueur.

    got it?

    thanks, got it

    Coquette -- did you see the recent article in the NYT about the French and how they are dealing with obesity? They have national weigh in days and now apparently are training pediatricians to interrogate parents of obese children.

    I agree that the food is prepared much more neatly than in North America. They have some regional specials, like chocolate croissents and what was it called, Big, Big Mac? No I'm not kidding.

    I think this must be a time-based thing. After you have been in Paris for a certain amount of time your desire for a strawberry shake overcomes your inate terror that someone you know might spot you there and you just saunter in. In our case we have kids so we can always blame our McIndiscretions on them.

    Oh god I very nearly spat my kir out I was laughing so hard reading this! The "chicken dance spectacular!" Can I PLEASE come to the gym with you guys when I am back in town next fall? I think I'll skip the McDo however. Miss you guys,

    Woh! I have just discover this blog and this is so funny! I am a French student living in the same quarter than you, and next year, I will probably go and study in an American University.
    It is quite surprising to see what are according to you our specificities! So, you Americans do not eat in Mac Donald anylonger? Well, you go in other fast food, or?

    ( By the way, Sorry for my mistakes...)

    i was wondering if you could post the address of the gym you go to - these baguettes are getting to me...

    Maybe that s only me, but i dont like mac do:
    At lunch time it's crowded so that you don't get served fast.
    The portions are small so that you are still hungry when leaving unless you pay about 10€.

    I prefer to eat a shawarma, a kebab or an americano, which cost about 3-4euros, you can hardly finish that and they are prepared in front of you in a matter of minutes.
    This, or take 30min, pay 10€, go to the restaurant, take a big salad with a glass of wine and appreciate that in a nice place.

    Also coquette, you missed the yearly soldes, i think i spent about 400€ there this year buying only things at 50-75% of reduction. This inlude a classy biker-like leather jacket that turns girls crazy.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO, you must be mistaking. There is no way a proper french girl would eat in Mc Donald's. I don't know Nathan and that may be a particular petit peche of him but I just can't think of any of my girlfriends in a Mc Do. The sole thought of the smell makes me feel nauseous. This is not food... this is... stuff.

    LOL! Your post cracked me up. As a french man I have to say that eating at McDo's is ok as long as nobody knows.

    I know a friend who visits me from Quebec who always craves McDo's when she comes here. Perhaps it's not just a France thing?

    Perhaps all French people crave it? I dunno.

    I cannot relate. I hate McDonalds...or actually,I love it but I can't eat it because it puts my body into a hypoglycemic shock due to the sugar content in all of thier food. It sucks so bad.

    kir correction: a "standard" kir is made with blackCURRANT (cassis) not blackBERRY (mur).

    However, "kir au mur" is also delicious even though it sounds as if the cocktail somehow got stuck on the wall.

    Coquette, I was in your neighbourhood a few days ago. Pastis at Maubert, a hilarious dinner at the Balzar....

    I follow my workouts with a dozen chocolate cream-filled donuts.

    Who do you think is cuter, Coquette- Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhaal?

    Going to have to go with the Jake.

    Oh, I feel so violated!

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