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    Ahha Coquette, it is your lucky day! I just happen to have the catalogue Automne-Hiver sitting on my desk...

    -chocolat au lait et praliné croustillant
    -huile d'olive et vanille
    -marron et thé vert matcha
    -truffe blanche et noisette
    -caramel à la fleur de sel
    -fruit de la passion et chocolat au lait (my personal favorite)

    Those look so delicious!

    Le café de la MARIE? Ooooh, how cute...

    Incidentally, in NYC there is a truly French patisserie called La Bergamote with divine treats that will truly make you pass out. It was recommended by Mireille Guilano:

    I wish I could recommend one for Chicago but I'm sure one of your readers will offer them up sooner or later.

    J'aime beaucoup les macarons framboises!

    Very alluring picture, by the way...

    Wow, those look great. Aesthetically, the pink w/ green (what flavor?) would be hard to eat.

    I would love to know of a place in Chicago that sells these. My favorites came from Laduree on the Champs d'Elysee and have not found anything like them here.

    Lordy, those look delicious! Aargh!

    Thank you for making me salivate this early in the day.

    oooh...LOVE these...might make a trip back to Paris next year for the honeymoon....

    they're like little jewels. oh how i miss paris and the sweets and gaining 10 pounds but it was SOOO worth it. *sigh*

    Stefanie: the passionfruit milk chocolate (far left) is SO my favorite too

    Joy: Honeymoon in Paris YES!

    La Dauphine: Thanks for the link, looks amazing.

    Holy crap, white truffle and hazelnut? *swoooooon*

    oops, hit send before finishing my thought—for the Chicago denizen who misses Ladurée (ergh, that place always makes me so mad!) Martha Stewart was on the Today show yesterday plugging her new baking book, and she made french almond macaroons from the book. So...Maybe it's a good project?


    oh. my. gawd.
    Not only are they so pretty, but they look so damn tasty...

    Why don't you fill a suitcase with them and bring them to Chicago as a side business? Or eat them on the plane.

    Tu m'as donné envie : j'irai demain m'en acheter ! Merci, grâce à toi, je vais m'engraisser ;-)

    I love macarons, which I first had at Laduree. Thankfully, there are some rather good renditions in LA now - but ah, not the same atmosphere.

    I am hungryyyy

    Hmmm... La Coquette -- Not to get too off topic here, but are you okay? The way these riots have hit the American press, you'd think there are looters on the Eiffel Tower. You are pretty much the only person I "know" in Paris, so I hope you are doing well and things soon get under control.

    Just to let you know... a recipe for French Almond Macaroons is in this month's (or is it next month's?) issue of Martha Stewart Living. They look just about as delicious as the ones you have pictured! Perhaps that will prove a solution while in Chicago.

    Africankelli, you're sweet. I'm fine and it's big news here too, but this blog has never exactely been where people come for current events, so...

    Wait a second! No current events? HA! Where else do I turn for the latest in pastries and fashion?
    Glad to hear you are okay.

    Two words, Coquette: chocolate. handbags.

    oh coquette, i'm so happy to see you are eating yummy macarons. sadly,mine are long know, the ones that a very kind and generous french american fashion writer ordered for me when i had lost my voice?

    Pierre Hermé , pure genius. My favorite Pierre Hermé macaroon of all times was one I tried a long time ago, it was coconut mango I think,absolute perfection! I have his cookbook but my macaroons never seem to develop the the perfect feet like his :( I really like Ladurée's macaroons for their simplicity of flavor.
    A very good friend of mine- while studying the culinary traditions of France -had the privilege of dining with Pierre Hermé and the most facinating thing he said about him (other than he has no ego whatsoever in person ,is down to earth ,and the most meticulous man he'd ever met)is he enjoys pigging out (my words ,obviously notMr. Hermés ) at McDo's every now and then. You just gotta love the man.

    Dammit, now you are really making me jealous.

    Sheffield may be looking fab in the sunshine and autumn colours, but I'm afraid that while they do a mean custard tart, the patissiery hereabouts doesn't quite stretch to macaroons which are possibly the finest accompaniment to coffee known to man!

    Personally I say forget spring - Paris in the Autumn is somewhere I'd love to be.

    Macarons are the best thing ever to be found in a French patisserie. They look kind of dry on the outside, so I shunned them for years. But once you bite into a good one, you will cry tears of joy. It is the texture that makes them a chef d'oeuvre of gustatory delight.

    let me know which flavors to put in your little care package when you are having a French craving in the U.S.
    bon voyage ma cherie!

    Those macarons would be a reson to miss Paris!

    Yum yum yum.

    Here's a link :
    It's a Nigella Lawson recipe for Pistachio Macaroons (just like Pierre's in looks).

    Ignore the recipe for capuccino cupcakes and just go 1/2 way down and there you go!

    Very easy and quite divine. I also have a Nick Malgieri recipe for macaroons that I shall have to look up now. Yum.



    oooh...thanks for this! i'm going to paris next week and now I know where I'm going to be stuffing my face all day! Love your blog btw!

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