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    I love posts like that, bc I was genuinely wondering about all the stuff you'd have to do to prepare...are you able to sublet/keep your LQ apartment? Bon Voyage!

    I'm keeping the apartment but have lined up a few friends to stay here.

    Damn,woman-- sounds like you have your sh*t together!

    Am I totally ignorant not knowing what a "dop kit" is? Must be lingo of the jet set I haven't yet acquired.

    Are you flying Delta, by chance? If so, please check out their Sky Magazine. There is a full-page photo of my gallery in the November issue in the article on Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward. It's tres chic for the moment, apparently.

    now if only i was that together for when i leave for france!

    How about when you don't have time to blog, just taking a photo of something outside your window -- or a photo of your hand holding a pen, just to keep us involved?

    Oui, oui, random photos of what you see would be good

    Sorry/you're very welcome.

    I wish I knew cheaper products to get hooked on.

    I do know of a great bargain in LA. Threading instead of waxing. Hillary Johnson, my friend I call "the beauty intellectual" recommended it. She writes business stuff for serious busines magazines and then beauty stuff for LA Times Magazine...all of it very smart. Anyway, she sent me to Enessa, in Los Angeles ( Luba, who was great, worked on me...gave me an amazing facial, too. I highly recommend it if you come to town. I don't know if she knows anyone in Chicago, but her beauty blog is

    Bon travail en Chicago, cherie. Look for the lady I told you about at the Sun-Times. Email me if you forgot her name. She's very nice and you should go meet her and get her to let you write about Paris from Paris.

    Yours in deep superficiality and solidarity, -The Advice Goddess

    I just got back from Chi- town...last week! Have a blast, Coquette. It's a shame you can't tell us about your work there - you konw that we are curious!

    Sammy, I'll see what I can do! I'm writing multiple stories which I will FOR SURE scan for the blog when they hit stands in February!

    La Dauphine, Dop kit = non-gender specific term for toiletry bag.

    say hi to the student :)

    If you'll be recycling and will consider requests from favorite posts, some of mine are:
    -The one where you met that shopkeeper girl
    -Stop touching your hair
    -Hotel Costes
    -The one about your dad and soccer

    Happy travels!

    We miss you already! Good luck in Chicago!!

    And, for les amis de la coquette:

    One last question: how long are you going for? (did I miss this somewhere?)


    I'll be in Evanston for Thanksgiving!! Yay for Chicago! :) Unfortunately not applying to Northwestern for grad school like your friend, but hopefully living in Chi-Town a year from now.

    I'm looking forward to posts after Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great time in Chicago.

    I'm looking forward to posts after Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great time in Chicago.

    I haven't been reading long and now I hear you are leaving Paris. And I had so many questions for you such as
    Should we do the opaque pantyhose/coloured shoes combo?
    Is the knitted capelet "sortable"
    Once you are in Chicago (is it the Midwest? I can do pantyhose vocab but not US geography) are you going to forget fashion? It would be so, so easy....

    Chicago is the place to be for Thanksgiving! I'll be there, stalking you two.

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