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    Wow ! That is a fuckin' awesome tribute. Bravo !

    we are so fountain jumping-- you have been warned.

    What a sweet and lovely tribute to your friend. Having checked out the Newsweek link, my only question is: why bother with J school? :)

    I forsee a strange series of fountain jumping happening around France in the very near future.

    Just pray, Coquette, that the gendarmes don't google 'fountain jumping' when trying to find out what caused it all...

    Googling for sport? Hell, yeah!

    Cool blog, btw.
    Have started reading back through a few entries after following the link from Annush's blog.

    i'm going to northwestern for j-school this fall as well. how much would it freak her out if i met her and was like, "oh, yeah! i read all about you already on a BLOG!"

    Woman, you are getting me all choked up over here! I miss you already gal. Stalkers of Paris in united mischief always! A bien indeed--I will be back asap. The young men should consider themselves warned! So should the fountains for that matter...

    Oof. This reminds me of how poorly my Google results reflect upon me.

    Still...sweet post. And don't forget that you may yet find spontaneous reason to cavort in a fountain.

    Expat friends: the ecstasy (of meeting them and getting to know them) and the agony (of the inevitable move-on).

    After that description, I miss her too. Everyone should have a friend like you.

    One of the saddest things is when a friend moves to another place. Let's here it for modern technology for once. Email, etc. makes it a lot easier to keep in touch.

    A Medill student? Best of luck, Eh-reen! The North Face jacket is a necessity. Hello Lake Michigan in January.

    Lovely tribute, Coquette. But you know she'll be back to visit. Who can stay away? :)

    People come and go... always sad, same story here on the other side of the globe.

    I am soo glad I never gave my whole name here: try google me and you'll find a cooking recipe (I HATE cooking...)that I once feedbacked in a moment of bare craziness. Moral of the story: google with care!

    Don't know anything about that girl or the rest of it
    But as I started reading, smile came to my face, tiny to huge one
    Keep writing and posting beautiful girl pictures

    Just for the record...

    Erin was my californian slang teacher. Now I can live without any gnarly problem in the "LA" scene as a french movie director.

    Thanks for all girl !

    I thought everyone googled for sport...

    so say a girl want to venture to paris, without or without her new husband, on the cheap...when and where should she go/stay?

    Ten years? Fifteen? Coquette, you may well be to the go-to expat to whom all young Americans will seek introduction.

    Rather like Diane Johnson's Géraldine Chastine ("The Affair"), only Floridian.

    Bye Erin. I now almost felt as if I knew you myself. Well, not really, but it was a good tribute anyway :)

    Great tribute! Let Erin know she can email me if she has any Qs re: Medill (I'm in my 3rd quarter) or just wants a to know where to get a good Chi-style dog.

    Oh yeah, and there's always Buckingham Fountain :).

    Did you see this Coquette?

    Chocolate & Zucchini writes an abbreviated guide...

    R.J., I'll start cultivating an air of importance starting NOW, then. :)

    Le Bazaar, I'll pass that along!

    J, I did see that--thanks!

    Elle, oof, where to beegin? Clotilde's guide is a great start.

    What a lovely tribute to your friend. I'm an occasional lurker--this is a great blog!

    I saw this link on and it made me think of your friend Erins story.

    Well, here is the erin's perv :

    Nathan, you are such a rockstar!

    Erin sounds like a awsome friend it always sucks when they move away. checked out her story very cool. Coquette, im sure you will have plenty of fountain swimming in your day. love your blog!

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    Almost Girl

    I loved this post! It's so exciting that you two will be reunited again. :)

    the picnics were really cool with both of ypu !! have fun !

    don't hate me because i liv in paris

    because paris is not so far from my Domain :-)!

    I love the kind of friends you can call at 2:00 in the morning just to talk. And Googling should be an Olympic sport. I'm quite proud of my skills, in fact.

    Just found your page, by the way, and it's wonderful!

    You are so lucky to have such a friend in Chicago. Just be careful of those arguments about hanging bras in the bathroom. I used to live with two female roommates, so I know all about what happens when two women share a bathroom.

    Just stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving...wherever/however you're spending it...


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