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    Hey, I work in the Tribune Tower. What were ya doin here?

    howdy doody, welcome back!!!!

    Glad to hear you made it stateside safe and sound. My apologies about the weather (I'm a bit North of you, in Minneapolis - which is nearly as windy as Chicago today, and even colder).

    Yeah, sorry about the weather bit. Winter seems to have started in only the last couple of days. Welcome back to the US! Only a 30% chance of afternoon flurries!

    Great picture, by the way. Very "ER"-like.

    Welcome back baby!

    You take the best pics!

    Spudart, I'm writing stories and helping to produce a new fashion project for Chicago magazine.

    DDJ, It's snowing right now! WTF?

    Welcome back to the US, and gotta go with La Dauphine on this one, that's a great picture!

    I am envious of you....I have to wait a week to be in Evanston... Visit the Active Endeavors by Urban Outfitters and tell me how the new shop is...It used to be in a little cottage-like building but I guess it's too cool for school to look all unpretentious now! Do I have to bring snow clothes with me next week?

    YEAH. It's been snowing all day!!! Only flurries, nothing's going to stick, but it'll be icy tonight...please bundle up, you have sensitive french blood and no Northface jacket!!!

    welcome to the tundra!i fell sharyn i live in minneapolis to and it was -12 today!!! i hope you are having a blast in the windy city and am excited to hear about all the cool places in chicago for i will be going there in a couple weeks. i know you will totally rock your northface jacket.

    Welcome back. People ask me all the time if I miss the tropics...not a happy to be back on the mainland. But if I lived in Paris? I'd definitely miss it. ;) Hope you have a great stay.

    Sweet home Chicago; I'll be over there for Christmas. You make me wish Christmas was tomorrow.

    Wow, I can't believe I just discovered your blog! I know you are a big deal fashion blogger and the like but this is the first time I have been here. I am so excited that you will be blogging from Chicago. I am a Chicago fashion blogger myself (by way of the University of Chicago). I can't wait to hear more about this fashion supplement at Chicago Magazine!

    Almost Girl

    Looks like you have a lot of Midwestern readers.

    We Minneapolitains are shivering in our snow boots, but hope you have a great time in Chicago. I am not a big fan of Chicago this week, as a mean boy there just broke my heart.


    It's always something.

    welcome back to the states!

    Take me home, country roads
    To the place I belong
    Chicago, Illinois...

    (I remembered your Dad liked John Denver)

    Welcome back to the US! (even though I'm currently in your old neck of the woods...'ish. I'm in London for work). I am loving this winter weather, so I hope you're enjoying it too! Bundle up and be sure to slow down a bit.

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    Almost Girl

    love your blog! Been reading for many months now. I just have a little question for you--what camera are you using to take all your pics? They look great! I'm not a photographer but it looks almost like a digital SLR camera (the kind with the manual focus thingies). I'm just asking 'cause I need a good camera to take with me to Antigua next summer :)


    'Alo, Coquette! That shot is *right* by where I work. It's cool to see my city on your site. Welcome, welcome.

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