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    Her response is why I have a "girl crush" on all of France. Also, the fact that I can take my dog into the grocery store and the employees practically thank me for doing it.

    And here I thought this was a "family" blog!

    Reading that, I couldn't help thinking of the Scottish comedian Billy Connolly's story, the punch-line of which is "Have ye iver seen a dachsund try to run upstairs wi' a hard-on?"


    I second the 'eww' - but what a shortest-funniest post!

    That's hilarious.

    Only a french woman could find a graceful and charming comment to a stranger's dog's hard-on. Love it.

    la france c'est tres beau. Mais il n'y a pas que paris en france. Je dirais même que paris ce n'est qu'une ville afreusement polué. merci a vous aurevoir. paris! it's so bad

    That's beautiful.

    cou cou coquette, your blog get's better and better. I agree with the other postee, what a charming french response that lady gave.

    lol ! Was it the pug ?

    This has little to do with this blog itself, though hilarious, I must add.

    I am dating a guy who speaks French (specifically the Canadian-based French).

    He calls me cou cou, which he says is pet name for bunny. Everywhere I look up bunny, it is lapin and cou cou refers to necks.

    Perhaps cou cou is a colloquial expression?

    Thanks for the help :)

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