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    Has Oberkampf gotten THAT trendy now?

    Over - Kampf

    Blow-dried long hair on a guy strange? I take it Alex's never been to New Jersey.

    La Palette's one of my favorites. But there are a lot of people who look like they don't get out of St. Germain de Pres much...kind of reminds me of the preppy guys in my junior high school who "experimented" by growing their shiny locks long. (And by long, I mean like chin length, which is probably the closest to Kurt Cobain their moms would let them go.)

    i dont do long hair. o no.

    boys with dirty long hair! what is this blog coming to?...stop it immediately...

    OK, confession time here - my husband has 'long' (Curt Cobain length) hair... and last Friday night I asked him to let me blow dry it just because I wanted to see what a 'brushing' would do to his shiny, preppy locks.

    Am I a freak? Is he?

    Reason # 102 why Google is so great: quickly learning who Oberkampf is so trendy French woman don't think you're a dolt.

    That's one of the reasons I left Paris: the fact that wanna-be trendies there seem to have decided that shampoo was out of fashion. And that they could pretty well wash their hair with a mix of butter and goose fat. And i'm not even joking...

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