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    "bluster and stiletto-stomping confidence of those who work in fashion"

    ...this is why I am so addicted. Who THINKS of such things to say?? :)

    Dauphine, Gaw!

    (Hey, I just realized that I called the family my sister worked for "very nice" with utter lack of consciousness to the entry I wrote last night.) They totally were, though.

    I bumped into him at Bofinger at Bastille. Our table was trashed on champagne and oysters, and I screamed at him. He looked so sad with two boring skanks. I have a little autograph from him, as befits his size. Hahahaha!!!!

    I need to show Emma the Pug (TM)this picture - she needs a french pen pal!

    Hi coquette... I'm from italy and -donnowhy - I'm gradually becoming addicted to your lines... maybe paris? maybe emma? : )

    I. Want. That. Dog.

    At the very least, can you make sure it's around when I visit in, sigh, six months?

    "I once saw Patchi from Star Academy"

    I thought to myself, "Seriously? The French are dorky enough to have a reality TV show based on some sort of starship/astronaut academy?"

    And then I surmised what "Star" probably refers to and realized that it is I, in fact, who is the dork.

    By the way, you'll be hearing from my lawyers soon. I hold the trademark to "That Weekend Not Too Long Ago, You Know The One", and your new trademark is feeling a little too similar for comfort.

    Dogs that are cute know that they're cute - and this one is certainly no exception.

    Is there available space for Aimee in your building? It would be funny to have the family all in one place.

    i love, love, love the black bag you are carrying in one of your photos. can you tell me who makes it?

    I love that dog!

    My husband couldn't believe my excited screams came from a photo of a pug. Then he said.. ahhh now I now... He's Parisian eh?


    Coquette--I'm curious about something, how hard is it to work abroad? I can't remember if I read about whether or not you have a French passport, your dad was a Fr citizen, no?

    Not too much of a dog fan but definitely jealous for the fashion show...

    Coquette- I spent six mois living in Avignon! Did your sister love it? I did.

    Will she be living w/ you during her year in Paris?

    I'm going to work as an English assistant in a high school too. I'm supposed to work with the students on conversation and grammar and lead discussions on American politics. No, really. That plus my regular travail with the study abroad students equals one interesting year (or more) in Lyon.
    ps- would you come to Lyon and go shopping with me? I still have a great fear of looking terribly American every single time I step out of my apartment building.

    I want Napoleon.

    i have been a long time stalker (the nice kind) who is finally typing out her 'coming out' comment. it's funny that you should mention seeing marlene because when i first spotted her on the show, i don't know why but she reminded me of you. i even mentioned it to my flat mates but they did not seem to understand why i would go around snooping into other people's lives on the internet and why people i see on tv seem to remind me so much of people i don't really know but i do at the same time. i told them to think of you as a celebrity. then they were all like "ah d'accord, vu comme ca .......mmouais...." *insert french shrug with roll of eyes*

    they're just not internet savvy!

    i ran into Patxi on line 7 (he got off at Sully Morland). I was going to show him that I had his song à l'anglaise on my iPod, but I chickened out

    I love the models working their frocks juxtaposed with the pugster working his little blue collar...

    I can't say his name though because my first dog was named Napoleon, and he finally had to be put down this summer. Your pugman is killer cute but there's only one Napoleon...

    However, now I have a Baxter who is complaining because I've never taken him to the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, though I promised him I would... let me know if you ever want to do a puppy play date!

    But what of Napoleon Joseph and Napoleon III?

    Nardac, you know Patxi but ignore Eric Dahan's existence ??? that is funny.... :D

    La Coquette, this picture is great and because I'm a tad stupid, I have nothing smart to say except that I had a good laught reading this...

    Your post title sounds like a movie I would love to see! Definitely a romantic comedy.

    I'm not a dog lover at all, but that dog is CUUUTE!!!! and the fashionable leash.... super adorable!

    Still love the dog but especially love the quote about his lineage.

    Catherine, It's a small french brand called Comptoir des Cotonniers--I think they have a website?? But the bag is from a few seasons back.

    Aru, I cannot believe I remind you of Marlene; you are lying, lying lying, but god bless you. :)

    Chester, my lawyers were all ready to whomp your lawyers arses, but I like having you around, kid, so you're getting off easy. All "weekend" copywrites can officially belong to you, Chester.

    Gina, I've never been to Lyon...

    The litigious outrage of my lawyers has cooled down.

    But only because they hope, someday, to play with Napoleon.

    Lyon- it's only 2 hours from Paris.
    Au secours! This "if I wear a scarf everywhere people might not know I'm American" thing can only go on for so long.

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