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    Your site is always so educational. Now I know that my favorite, cantalope, is named after a city in France. If only the ones you can get this year at the Ralph's in L.A. weren't so lousy. You've given me another reason to visit France.

    Funny, I just saw a video about Prosciutto ham and melons today :),,FOOD_9936_22686,00.html

    Or rollerblading! :)

    I'll have to take your word on the melon. I have never been much of a melon fan. Perhaps it's because I od'ed on them in early childhood.

    Also your neighbor going out of town seems to call for a loud party.

    I must be out of it because I have yet to be exposed to the melon/jambon combo. Melon/Porto on the other hand...MMM.

    I think you should definitely throw a houseparty in Madame L's honor.

    Is that the melon thats whitish with green stripes? That one is the best.

    I love melon. Hard. Appropriately. <3

    Melon is delicious with 1à years old Porto, don't you agree ?

    Those are indeed great melons, which luckily you can find in LA farmers markets. Mm, but now I want proscuitto to go with the melon I just bought. Dammit!

    Dagny, Sammy, I know a party is in order, but Guigui's out of town and it's just not a party without him.
    (Actually, a lot of our friends are out of town...Jeanne's here though, we'll have to run around in shoes one night)

    Negrito, I've never had it with Porto, but I'm sure I would love.

    hahaha, excellent. melon and ham sounds very tasty.

    Maybe you can find someone to give you tap lessons at home?

    I guess you're right Coquette, without Guigui the houseparty would be a flop.

    Happy high heel scraping anyway.

    OK. So no party but I think DDJ's idea is brilliant.

    I've never heard of having porto with melon...are you talking about vintage or tawny?

    I'm intriqued...

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