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    Antique pink! They are so cute.

    that is SUCH a cute dog. pugs are the best. never met one i didn't like :)

    I love cashmere, you have a great deal. A cute pug and underwear to lounge around in. Lucious

    I really think it's only a matter of time before you end up with a Napoleon of your own, n'est ce pas? He is, how do you say, a-dor-able!

    And, thanks to you and your Little Mermaid reference, I have "Les Poissons" running through my brain ad nauseam.

    aaah, the spoils of having a fabulous blog!!...

    I nearly died when I saw the dog. SO FREAKING CUTE.

    You are keeping alive my secret, lifelong dream of someday finding French neighbors for whom I can babysit in exchange for foie gras.

    Aww...he's cute *and* photogenic too. So often the cute dogs can't sit still long enough for a good picture. Tell her to keep the panties; you can keep the dog.

    you make me so crazy with your magical "like a movie" life! Next, I expect the story of how you are walking Napoleon (while wearing the cashmere undies that caress your buttocks with each provactive step you take) and lo, you meet the dashing prince who pretends to fawn over the pug when in fact he is secretly falling in love with you. . .

    Way to kill off your entire audience with envy at ONE BLOW!

    Definitely a darling dog. I keep trying to find words about the panty barter but then my eyes start to glaze over once more.

    WOW! Those items are pricey!

    Do you dry clean them? Woolite?

    I think you've officially surpassed Kate Hudson in Le Divorce.

    no, that would mean getting a Kelly bag, no? LoL

    Chester, my dream is to get some of those heuevos rancheros from THEhotel. :)

    bluepoppy, you've convinced me to milk every moment with this dog. maybe i'll even get a haircut before he comes to stay with aunt coquette :)

    RJ, i know, my lifestyle SO doesn't support drycleaning my underwear.

    bella, i'd prefer a guest appearance from romain duris :)

    Haha, so you're dog-sitting for a lingerie designer? How fashionable of you!

    Tee hee

    I do love this puppy!!... Dare I say she's cuter than my own?? Non, je n'oserai pas!

    I do love this puppy!!... Dare I say she's cuter than my own?? Non, je n'oserai pas!

    O, sitting here in a thai internet cafe with Le Serpent and we are laughing so hard ! this post is my favorite and you become dangerously parisian...

    There is a bar in my arrondissement where Romain Duris hangs out everyday... Do you know how it's called ? Le Bouledogue...

    Holy cow! Those are some expensive panties. I think that the low-rise string would be better...if you're going to be decadent, you might as well be naughty too. LOL

    You sprinkled-with-fairy-dust lucky girl. My brother's family has a female pug...and we've grown to adore her. I have a feeling Napoleon might be bringing you all kinds of knickers (oops I just typed 'knockers' by accident!) luck. :)

    Le Bouledogue...

    Is that the one on R. Rambuteau? Nice little place...

    Salut, Coquette.

    I came over from Gentry--I just had to mention something re: Romain Duris since you like him so much. I was in Venice (CA) last year in a Mexican restau when I totally bumped in to him. He was with Elodie Bouchez and some other pretty French woman. He was totally TOTALLY giving me the eye even though I think the other girl was his girlfriend. I mean he was leaning over his table and leering at me. I was flattered but I bet he's just a giant flirt, though small in stature. He's good looking but tout petit comme tout les garcons francais en general...Cool site btw! ;)

    Oh I want some. Some dusty blue culottes in cashmere. How could you not feel sexy with cashmere knickers on. I'd be prepared to pick up … hmm … quite a lot of dog poo in return.

    Je passe mon tour... like better the culottes than the doggie.

    I'm partial to the antique pink...but that should be of no surprise.

    Just when you ride down the bike path on the Pacific in warm, August wind, thinking you have it all, there's La Coquette to tell you you're missing cashmere panties...sigh! Pistache sounds just perfect.

    Dearest Coquette - I can't even imagine the number of strange people who googled words that are included in your above entry only to find a picture of a pug! I'm sure you had many pervs reading your blog late at night.

    And just in case one of these pervs reads this, GO AWAY. This is a perv free zone.

    Holy cow. Those undies are $200. Anyone else a touch surprised?
    Or am I just making it incredibly obvious the only French store I shop at is le Target?

    What a cutie and so well captured! Napoleon's facial expression - priceless :)

    I know and I love Gentry and her work... so Rive Gauche !

    I've seen it spelled out "ohng"

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