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    Ugh. That's horrible. I remember working at a drive thru as a teenager and an old man came up to the window in his car. He had no pants on. That was gross as well.

    Yes, these are the quintessential Parisian experiences: 1-Try Escargot, 2-Step in Dog Doo, 3-Get stalked by a horny freak

    Oh, and we've been parisisted ! This jerk is going to be a star ! Believe me !

    That's great that a service like flikr can be used for a public service, and not just for photos of people getting drunk and dog photos.

    the NY perv can be seen in full view - if you want - journal included:[email protected]/35501732/

    The NYC Perv : Busted !

    Now, all french bloggers should write a story about our Parisian perv !

    That is a brilliant idea!

    Why are there so many more obvious perverts in Europe than the US? I have always wondered this.

    So, which European pervert is preferable? The dude who whips it all out from a distance, or the creepy old guy who keeps his pants on and gets all up in your face with the "ciao, bella" crap?

    How sweet would it be if he was identified and humiliated?

    I can't tell from the picture-- is he wearing cashmere knickers?

    Gloria: I don't know why people would say there's more "obvious" perverts in Europe than in the US... that's about the strangest comment ever.

    DDJ: A guy saying you look charming can only seem like a threat to the frigid... or North American. Don't worry so much. It's just the latin way of saying hello.

    As for pervs like that, great job girls!

    I have to agree with Gloria... most pervs in Europe don't try to hide it, some even seem to take pride in it.

    Ah, yes. Weirdos they may be, but at least in Europe they ain't packin' a Smith&Wesson. If you can just stay out of the range of their, ahem, "projected manhood", you'll be o.k. (most of the time). Just start laughing hysterically at them when they pull it out; I did that with some freak who started yanking it in front of me at Opera, and he got a bit embarrassed and moved on.


    when I said "it," I meant their "perv-ness". Of course, the other IT could just as easily apply :)

    Nardac, Stepping up to plate Re: Gloria's comment. You're smart enough to know that Gloria was speaking lightly.

    "Obvious" in that during the course of a more-or-less normal day, I am more likely to see a random penis attached to a random male who I do not know in Europe than in the US. Should have specified that. There are pervs everywhere.

    Also, a guy simply saying "you look charming" is indeed charming, but one who gets in your face and doesn't leave you alone after that has gone beyond simply saying hello to the point of being obnoxiously unwelcome.

    Oh dear. I am going to have all kinds of nightmares tonight reliving bad memories. There are the countless guys who start off by saying "hi" but then cannot seem to take any hints that they are not welcome. (Some are so dense that even yelling four-letter words do not deter them.) I also had the memory of the guy who stalked me for a couple of months when I was in high school. He finally disappeared when one of my friends confronted him.

    The only time I've felt really scared being stalked, which went on for awhile, it ended up with the police.

    I think we have to know the difference between getting irritated by an insistent man, which is a relatively easy problem, and feeling bodily threatened.

    Coquette: Yes, I know she's speaking lightly. It just seems to be the reiteration of more stereotypes and cultural perspective. You know that.

    Hear hear Nardac.

    There is a huge difference between the two.

    Gloria: All of the U.S. perverts are much much more deranged...they hide thier predilictions under the umbrella of "family business".
    And yes, I am kidding. But I wanted to offer an answer.

    Pervs are everywhere, and I had a close encounter just this Tuesday on bvd Richard Lenoir in broad daylight (not the same guy).

    Pourquoi tu regardes pas ma sexe?

    Hm, I wonder why!

    Hi, this is my first comment, though I have enjoyed reading your website a lot.

    When I was was in Italy for school, I had a similar experience. I was in the phone box outside my apartment around nine or ten-ish at night and some guy drove up on a motorcycle (an actual one, not a Vespa), parked in front of the phone box, pulled his pants down and started yanking it.

    Now, I was totally fine with getting my ass pinched on crowded streets, but holy cow, I was not prepared for that. I wish I had had the presence of mind to laugh at the dude. Man, it would've been funny to see his face. But alas, I was alone, it was dark and I was young. Ah, well.

    I am sending a big kiss to you and Nathan from five time zones away. You guys rock! I miss you so much and let's hope the perv gets apprehended in some manner thanks to the two of you and the publicity you have given this! Love you guys!

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