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    A miniature greyhound? I never heard of such a thing! She sounds like a love!!!

    HA! Coquette, you just reminded me that Bistro du Coin here in Washington DC (which has the BEST "moules" and "pomme frittes" anywhere) has an egg timer light in the ladies loo. Sometimes I don't turn it far enough and the loo goes PITCH BLACK and I can't even see the loo paper. Ha ha I'd forgotten that. I love that turn of phrase.

    Italian Greyhounds always seem to have problems. The one my friend had - well, it was hit in the head with a softball. It was fine, but walked with its head tilted.

    Love Madeline. Have al the books.

    I suppose that you were talking about infants when you mentioned the "wee bald humans." However, the first image that came to my mind was Mini-Me.

    As for madeleines, I could really go for a couple right now.

    I resent you because you are living the life I wish I had. Le sigh.

    Hey Coquette- I didn't comment when you posted your pic bc I didn't want to get lost in the SEA of praise, but you're really pretty. And you fit the image in my head really well! Now, I'm wondering what your voice is like... Can you describe it? :)

    Oh dear. I think I am a bit smitten with Bianca now.

    Does this mean you do dogsitting?

    Just planning for the future. You seem like someone we could trust with our baby.

    After all, you know how to say, "Good Girl!" with feeeeeeling! :)

    Bleh, I've never liked dogs. Hm, actually I've never really liked animals much. Why do people keep pets anyways? As if I would choose to spend my money on a pet over a gorgeous Marc by MJ blazer. Or maybe I'm just too much of a city girl.

    What a cute dog. I know how you feel about the voice though. I work with kids and often have to stop to figure out who just said that gushy line. Thankfully it doesn't happen too often.

    Can I use the "wee bald humans" line? I'll hat tip, I promise, it's just so, well, apt... I might modify to "wee, bald, loud, humans."

    Easyjettsetter, I sort of stole it from...I forget who now! A blogger? She was pregnant and didn't know the sex, thus dubbing it the "wee bald STRANGER" So. best.

    R, anytime!

    J, How nice of you! I don't know what to say! As for my voice, perhaps we'll keep that the last vestige of secret...

    Sonia, The owners read the blog, so it's not like I'm going to do "dog secrets REVEALED." But also, having the blog is a nice reminder of how cool I have it. Even when I sometimes feel like a loser (what do I write to the college alumni mag?) etc. Thanks for your nice comment, which you phrased as a joke, but I see what you mean...

    it strange, just today i saw on the news that somewhere in massachusetts they outlawed "mall rats", basically no GROUP of teenagers can be at the mall past 4pm without supervision. --but teenagers shopping alone are OK-- maybe now there will be more kids playing cards in good ol' Mass.

    she looks like a little love :)

    Heh, I've never met a blind dog before.

    I guess that makes you a guide-human.

    Sounds like you are performing your role dutifully and well!!

    I am in love with Bianca.

    Somehow I hadn't pictured Bianca as a miniature GREYHOUND. But she looks sweet. My last job in the islands featured a resident Dachsund who was blind. He had no eyes, but he was adorable nonetheless.

    it's hard to write well on people and harder yet when the people are blind dogs.

    that was funny and sweet and I loved it.

    Your blog is so beautiful to look at.. how do you make it so?

    Thank you, I just played around on typepad a lot when I was setting it up.

    Gosh, rereading this post a year and a half later is a little hard. Bianca died earlier this year.

    You see? Very good, very good

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