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    I, for one, feel very much cheated that we get no commentary on any potential style miscues by Monsieur Seagal. If no raucous tales of unfortunate Mandarin-collared jackets, then at least a brief anecdote about him destroying a squadron of ninjas with a tagine-turned-instrument-of-ass-kicking. Fictional, if need be.

    Thank you for coming back!
    I look forward to reading your posts!
    My father, too, used to drink HOT coffee on HOT days!! I used think it was odd, but I now do it also- thinking of him : )
    Will you be there on the Champs Elyses when the "tour" finishes?
    My husband is fan(actic) of cyclism. We have the "tour" on TV ALL day long!! Yes, I'm "rooting" for Lance and the Discovery Team! : )

    Take Care

    I won't swap my Jon Bon Jovi sighting for that. Steven Segal? Wow. I have nothing to say to that. :)

    Liked this random blog entry.

    Whatever did happen with that coat...? If I dare ask

    It can be a slightly strange knowing stuff about you and other bloggers when meeting them in real life. On the other hand, it would have felt weird not to ask about the coat. Like I was pretending I knew absolutely nothing about you.

    so glad your back-- I wondered if you had gone off on a European holiday . ..

    p.s.-- did you get an email from my sister?

    Eeep! I should qualify that the post about Aimee (my sis) never did stay on my blog for more than a minute since she was umm, not okay with it. (I wasn't referring to the thing I wrote about her arrival in France; she liked that.) Don't worry, we kissed and made up...eventually!

    Chester, my friend and I thought he was wearing a bathrobe at first. Turns out he was, indeed, rocking the Mandarin jacket...

    Coco, maybe!

    Ana, urrrg! I haven't heard any word lately from the stylist I assisted. I assume it's lost for good and the magazine will have to eat it, so to speak. (Unfortunately, they are being billed, and their insurance deductable is higher than the coat's cost.)

    Sierra, exactely. It would be more strange not to ask. But seriously, how do you know so much ;)

    People always seem to spot celebrities in Paris. I wonder if I'll see any while I'm there.

    Being a Godless Harlot, I always feel a tad uncomfortable when people say "bless you," as it's a reference to the notion that your spirit might leave your body when you sneeze. I do love the French sneeze lingo, though: "A Tes Amours" (to all your loves)...

    and the sneezer responds: "Que les tiennes durent toujours"

    That yours may last always, too.

    Or something like that. My French is improving, yes, thanks to DishTV TV5 subscrip Aux Etats Unis...but not good by a long shot!

    I loved this entry especially your description of "rear window". I could see it, and feel it!Some of my favourite London apartments made me feel like Grace Kelly (if only) gazing down on the little world and big lives going on, oblivious to us, below.

    A week that I had been waiting for your post, not disappointing I have to say...very high writing skills for as much as I can judge. One question though, haven't had time to read through the archives and I still can't figure out if you are usually speak french or not? Anyway, I am already addicted...

    I came to you from 2blowhards, and I was instantly thrilled to learn that you were writing from Paris. Stuck here in ugly Los Angeles, where all anyone talks about is movies, I was ready to be taken away to the City of Lights and hear of your exotic adventures. And what's the first thing I read -- you're sitting next to Steven Seagal in a restaurant! Before I read any further, can you please change this post and make him into a famous French intellectual or at least Daniel Auteuil? Thanks.

    Awesome...memoirs of a peeping tom. i look forward to your commentary on the couple across the way.

    The soldes are amazing at the beginning but then trying on clothes when you are sweaty... is not so fun. But handbags at Le Bon Marche are worth it!

    The worst is when you are trying on clothes from the soldes and then realize the coveted item is actually already carrying someone's else's body odor...

    Did you get an autograph of Steven Seagal ?

    Well, at least it was Steven Seagal and not Mr. "You don't know the history of psychiatry."

    I really find the window conversations interesting, although I don't know if I could tolerate them day in and day out. I'd eventually prefer the hum of a window air conditioner.

    oooooooo this was a fun chatty entry! :) loved it

    btw, would you be more likely to use "bavarder" or "papoter" for "chat"?

    so that is really what i thought, there must be one or two worlds to save around gritoland if even Steven Seagull is there !

    Hey! I love your blog and just wanted to post- drinking warm liquids on a hot day is said to actually refresh you and bring your internal body temperature down... hmmm...folks througout the warmer climates are said to do it- perhaps they are on to something and we should try...

    Love your blog. Three weeks to go until I am moving to Paris, having just left Poland after two years. I linked to you on my blog so that I can get keep up to date on what is going on in Paris. Hope that is OK!

    Is your title really the title song of my favorite animated short of all time or am I just dreaming? I thought no one knew about that little gem but me and a handful of cool people! You're SO COOL and this just underlines it.

    There must be one or two worlds to save around gritoland if even Steven Seagal is there.

    Its exciting to meet blogger by face but the story that you know about that blogger and want to ask questions about it but don't have guts to do it. That's very true when you meet any celebrity same goes with them.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

    When I heard that the cat in the hat was back I was astounded.

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