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    Boy, my last post saved me from the suspicion of being gay ? thank god... Gucci is 5 years old, metrosexuals did not exist then... Ok maybe I was...

    Not that there's anything wrong with that...

    I can't believe the New Yorked times actually published an article using the word 'gaydar'.

    I love it.

    Oh, but they're so very with it these days Sammy. *tuca tuca tuca tuca, heey macarena.*


    I bet the job description of at least one college intern there is to search the internet for 'hip' new expressions and trends.

    Problem is, like for real, dude, the usage of the word 'gaydar' is soooo 2003.

    Cathy Horyn I need a hug!

    So true, Coquette. My French fave so far has been "I enjoy bubble baths". I'd love to hear an American guy admit that one!

    Just riding on Stefanie's comment, my fave is "I love candles...they're just so nice when I'm relaxing in a bubble bath"

    Even some straight guys care about how they dress. (Even though I def haven't met enough of those.) That is why le fashion bible goddess Wintour is helping the launch of Mens Vogue. Seriously though, i need to find more guy friends who understand the term "clothing" as more than their basketball attire.

    Harrods Girl reminds me of an attempt by a younger friend to sharpen up her boyfriend and get him to lose his pot. "You're trying to change me!" he moans. "You don't like the real me."

    I suppose a lot of men would be just as happy in a cave - as long as there was big-screen and brew.

    Any signs of the inevitable ultra-macho backlash?

    Disclosure : My mum is a fashion designer. That helps.

    disclosure : I hung out with fashion designers... :)

    Coquette, remember how we talked about the tendency of a lot of French people to dress monochrome? Well, the first pic I saw from the blogmeet after that was of Nathan in his colourful flower shirt. :-)

    well I like multicolor scraf, but I agree with Schuey, when I party, I go for a all white look. That is better ! :-)

    BTW as soon as my computer is resurrected I post the Cacharel pics :-D

    Paris and the French . :)

    my husband and all of his little froggy french friends are the most metrosexual bunch of straight men i have ever seen. our wedding was a sea of men in armani suits, except for the fashion designer who pulled off some shabby took my mother three years to be convinced that my husband wasn't in the closet and secretly in love with one or all of his equally closeted friends.

    We could seriously use a team of these guys in Minneapolis. I've had my fill of boys that only wear jeans, tees and backwards baseball caps. s'il vous plait, les garcons, venez ici!

    Yeah, I agree. French men do seem to look better than American ones. But I'm a bit ashamed when my french boyfriend looks better than me :)

    You live in a rarefied world. That's for sure.

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