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    Is his REAL name actually 'Dax'? Sounds SO soap-operaish! I love it!

    I just returned from Italy, and that looks so much like the region around beautiful Montepulciano. Yes people, Tuscany really does look exactly like that.


    I'm glad you had a wonderful time. I love friends like Kathleen. So... I have to be nosy for the sake of ALL your readers - what was this Pete fellow like? =)

    I have also stayed at a villa in Italy and I try to work it into conversation whenever possible. I am clinging to that two weeks in Siena like nobody's business!

    Sammy, it's short for Daxton.

    Ha Rachel! I have to keep a few secrets for myself, non? Joking. Pete is awesome. Lives in London. Is that what you wanted to know? :)

    Em, I know, I can't stop saying the word "villa."

    What a great idea for an anniversary! I think I'll have to file that one away in the "for when I'm married" section of my brain.

    I'd also like to thank Coquette for putting Vanilla Ice in my head. (Beachfront avenue!).

    very nice analogy (roquefort sauterne). Says a lot more then 1000 words for cheese lovers... :)

    A quizz now that proves your frenchness : What is the best wine for a camenbert ?

    As if your life wasn't cinematic enough... :)

    Mm. Pretty! My friends and I rented a villa in Tuscany (also!) when we graduated from college, for a week or so. It was positively idyllic, and I'm so jealous that you were there. That's what the good memories are made of, you know.

    DDJ, I almost put that into the post! We're always on the same page...

    Schuey, I'm resisting the urge to google this or research in any sort of way. Please tell me! I await your wisdom.

    Coquette - Fun, fun! I muy jealous! My girlfriends and I are going to San Fransico for the weekend and hitting some wineries in Sonoma. I'm not the biggest wine fan, so I'll squint and pretend I'm in Tuscany.


    Geez, all this Italy talk is making me want to hit the Olive Garden for dinner on the way home! Just kidding! Kinda!

    I have a cousin named Dax. Your Dax is the only other I've ever heard of. And your story, my lord, sounds like it was plucked out of a novel. What a wonderful trip!

    well not wisdom but just being pretentious beyond beliefs...
    A very old champagne, maybe a Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle 1990 (actually if you drink this one i'll gladly join)

    or even a salon ? Blanc de Blanc ?

    *sighs*...'Daxton' stoic! It give me goosebumps just thinking about it. Do you think he would mind if I named my firstborn after him?

    The villa just wouldn't have been the same without best friends like Coquette to drink Chianti in the wine cellar...did I really just type that sentence? Amazing!

    And Sammy, I just want to let you now that Dax indeed wouldn't mind if you name your firstborn after him, but I will hear about it from the egomaniac for a married lifetime.

    Dear Coquette,
    I really enjoyed this article, especially since I'm the owner of said villa in Tuscany! We're so glad you, Kathleen, Dax and Pete had a good time. It's hard not to enjoy it, even when the furnace isn't working.

    Loved the "Seinfeld" reference! My question is, "Who was playing the part of 'Elaine' since you and Kathleen are both wonderful actresses?" (If it's all the same to you, Chuck and I will pass on recreating George's parents' roles.)

    We'll look forward to seeing the additional pictures, and my compliments for taking the photo from the vineyards below. It's muddy and nasty down there. (You don't want to know what Signora Bianca does to the chickens in the coop nearby.)

    Congrats on your witty website!!


    I saw that!!

    Don't worry, I swear I won't tell a soul.

    That is a breathtaking villa. But I have to say, Daxton doesn't exactly sound like a real name either.

    I know of two other guys named Dax--both are actors.

    This Dax is a lawyer, but it's funny to know there are more "Dax"s floating about...

    i like this part of the post:"Oh, and did I mention that Dax is amazing, makes Kathleen laugh until she snarfs, and I love him? Couldn't be happier for both of my friends. Congrats on one year, kids. And thanks, so very much, for letting me crash your anniversary party. " is very good

    This story was so real that these "characters" gave me great insight and a lot to ponder.

    The more you fight something, the more anxious you become ---the more you're involved in a bad pattern, the more difficult it is to escape. Do you understand?

    There are many people who offer you their personal experiences and you simply choose to ignore them, and in fact are so rude that you do not even respond to a discussion thread created by your very self.

    You should listen to what the chemistry professor says about chemistry, not the librarian.

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