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    Ignore this post if you deem it unworthy, or if you have already answered the question somewhere else.

    Why did you choose to remain anonymous? There's something paradoxical and intriguing about a girl nicknamed La Coquette not wanting to show herself.

    Ou as-tu simplement peur d'être reconnue?

    I love the Scots... we have the same hereditary enemies :D

    The moniker started off as me thinking I'd someday maybe want to gossip about my old work.

    Then, I realized the whole gossip thing is not so much my style.

    Oh, and the second issue was that I'm in the job market--do employers really need to know that I fight with my sisters and can't get a table at the Costes?

    Ah, but Peppermint, would not the 'paradoxical and intriguing' be diminished if her true identity were revealed? I think it's a good thing to leave a few items to the imagination.

    That's a hilarious convo you've linked, Coquette. I'm happy that you made it out in one piece. Hopefully the interview wasn't too long, or else it might have been necessary to de-louse afterwards...

    You have a point, DDJ. There's nothing more efficient than the power of suggestion.

    Ahhh! Those shoes, you've featured them before (otherwise you have many pretty pairs of gold shoes). I love gold shoes!

    Coquette- Hot pic and being anonymous it even sexier. -J

    Coquette, I have the perfect guy for you. His name is Jarod, Princeton undergrad, red Cadillac, man-pretty. And he cannot sleep without watching Conan O'Brien.

    He calls at 12:39 to scream, "Conan licked his tie!"

    I swear he's not gay.

    Myself, I think I have a Conan addiction; I didn't watch for two days and I felt irritable and cranky and now I have red spots on my hands. I've been self-medicating with Marshall Field's mint chocolates but I still miss that pasty Irishman...

    Hey! I just read your interview over at Bluepoppy's site. I'm a regular over there, and I've left a comment on that post that you might be interested in. Hint: it's about custom colored Apple products! I just didn't want to advertise a website on my first comment here :)

    Hmm... trying to guess which 'child actor' you might have been....

    Punky Brewster?

    That would explain your aversion to bad fashion, being forced to wear THOSE outfits... Come on, I'm right aren't I?

    Asian, why, WHY must you tease me in this way? Unless...can I order Jarod to be sent to France like a Russian bride?

    Gloria, see? You just have such a good eye.

    Finelyspungirl, thanks for the tip. Ca-ching!

    it was hilarious!

    Scotland has a unique culture

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