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    Why do you refer to yourself as "we"? Is La Coquette actually a product of a Multiple Personality Disorder?! Whatever the case may be, congrats and you have my vote!

    Royal We Blogging Disorder. (Thanks for the vote!)

    You definitely have my vote :) Congratulations - your nomination is well deserved!

    Hi, delurking to say Congratulations! Your blog has my vote. So glad I discovered it not too long ago. Congrats again your majesty, the Royal Coquette.

    OF COURSE I'm voting for you. If I can, I'll even cheat and vote more than once.

    Just a question however: I saw on the site that there was a fee to be nominated for an award (-95 bucks if I remember correctly). Did you dish out the cash for that or do you have a 'sponsor'? Just curious how it all works...

    Do you think David Bowie will read your blog now? Ooh I get excited just thinking about it!!

    Congrats ! I hope you win :D

    Request: if you do, please send us a pic of the new pj's.

    Sammy, maybe she's got herself a sugar blogger for a sponsor.

    Congrats on the nomination, Coquette! Where are you going to host your Webby after-party in NYC? :)

    Sammy, GEEZ, check out the update. Re: Bowie, I'm pretty much sure he's going to become a regular commentator.

    ^Imagine Napolean Dynamite voice there.

    I ll vote, can I ?


    voted, congrats, etc... :D Say hi to Bowie for us!

    Thanks for the update, Coquette! By the way, I take all this to mean that Bowie IS your sugar daddy, you slick little hussy!

    And my vote has been cast. Good Luck!!

    God I love bowie... but a slinky for a trophy?

    THANK YOU CHATON. I had a mental block on the word "slinky" for the past 24-hours. I didn't know how to google, "that bouncy 80s toy."

    Congratulations Coquette! I'm going to go vote for you. Bon chance.

    Chaton is the best as usual :-)

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