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    merci pour les belles photos

    Beautiful pictures.

    "Bouquets of sharpened pencils"...I love that movie.

    I certainly hope you have more of these spring moments - that sounded tres jolie!

    Pretty photographs!

    Wow - the colors are great. Especially in the second pic. And aww...look at that lonely, red flower in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

    Paris is going to be gorgeous in a month or so ... and I won't be there to see it!

    Yay! :D

    There's nothing like a 'leg lifter' of a kiss to give you a full-blown case of SPRING FEVER, eh?

    But I HAVE always wondered... what exactly is it that makes a girl wanna lift her leg like that?

    I so want to move back to France now...
    No matter how pretty NY gets in the spring, it never quite looks like that...

    B-eau-tiful! I love spring time too - mostly because the girls start wearing less but I still like spring time.

    I love that movie, too! Thanks, La Coquette, for bringing it to mind. You always make me smile!

    I love that I can catch a glimpse of Paris through the eyes of an actual person.

    Thank you (again) for sharing. I really enjoy reading your site.


    Paris in the makes me smile :)

    Hi there.. lovely pic. Cant wait, I'll be in Paris in June.. The first pic is not a crocus however.. its a magnolia blossom!!


    OMG I WAS SO PANICKING! I tried to visit your site (as I do about 2,000 times a day) earlier today and some stupid site came up saying that "this site is registered with blahblah whatever". I tried and retried to come back to here but it just gave me the other page! Panic flashd before me as I thought "Oh my god. I can never enjoy Coquette again. What will I do with my life?!" But, as you can see, all turned out well. By the way, I ADORE you and your blog.

    C'est vrai que ce sont de très belles photos... Mais tu devrais voir comment c'est, ici, à la ferme... C'est magnifique!!
    Ca sent bon, il n'y que les oiseaux qui chantent, maman qui fait la cuisine, et toutes les portent sont ouvertes en grand sur le jardin et la marre. La nature explose et c'est que du bonheur ;-))

    Really lovely! But I am not convinced the first one is a crocus or a magnolia. Is it the international flower of mystery?

    Hi there cqtt
    je ne trouve pas les mots!quelle finisse
    quel charme,notre mamounia de Marrakech est
    aussi coquette...Mais... vive les artistes. je vienrai visiter et y laisser traces.

    It has been rainy, like this morning. April showers....Beautiful pictures.

    That s just wonderful time. Well not today where it s raining cats and odgs and the rest too, but still...Did you notive that week ends are wet while week dyas are not ? what a shame !

    NICE! photos!

    Merci, merci, merci! It's truly the next best thing to being there, which is what I would be right now -- if the Euro weren't best compared to the 50-cent piece right now!

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing your 'moment.'

    You've got the exchange rate the wrong way round, Amy. It's more like the $ is worth 50 euro-cents. ALAS!!

    I'm pretty sure that first flower is a magnolia. I'm positive it isn't a crocus! But the photos are gorgeous.

    I think I saw that same kiss, and I'm sorry, but I did gag. That, however, might just be because I'm nursing a breakup.

    But I do hear you on the superiority of autumn. Which is, by the way, the only season that makes me miss New York.

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