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    you have a market open on sunday evenings in YOUR arrondisment??????

    It's the only one within a mile radius. And it's open until EIGHT(!)

    Coquette are ARE really losing it - Imagine slipping into such a state after such writing as found on the 'Urban Outfitters Intervention' post!

    "Pride cometh before a fall."

    don't feel bad coquette, i feel ur pain, like it's happened to me before

    It's okay. You are saved by the fact that you did not wear Uggs. Uggs would have been horrible. But you didn't, and therefore all is good.

    *throwing a shawl over Coquette's head, shrouding her quickly and rushing her into shelter*

    Inside-- let's get you inside, quick. My god, woman. What are you thinking?!

    An ensemble not even the Louis Vuitton bag can rescue! But if it's the Monoprix, I think you're excused. Because, well, it's a late night supermarket, you're an American, and it's our God-given right to shop whenever and however we please.

    Sartorial equivalent of a bad hair day?

    Can I send a sweatshirt from my (double) alma mater, Notre Dame? Just to finish off the whole ensemble with a puanteur of Jackie Gleason's "Honeymooners"? The shirts come in different colors, and for maximum force de frappe I would suggest Kelly green with gold letters. And, of course, the leprechaun mascot.

    You see? Things could be worse.

    You shouldn't even get any staring. I'm a lot worse thant that on lazy Sundays.
    Granted, I'm in the 20th, and here there be no Italian shoes and pâté you'll get in tins, not in jars...

    Yeah, the nice thing about my neighbourhood is that I have what appears to be the opposite of a contract out on me.

    I work from home so I am always pottering about the area and I think I made a good impression on the egyptian mafia don who runs the four-block radius because he nods hello to me while he's collecting rent.

    Now all the shopkeepers smile at me, call me "l'ecossaise", insist on me tasting things, give me discounts on toilet paper and press free cans of mango juice into my hands. No matter what I am wearing. It's weird.

    At least you found something open Sunday evening at that time. Sounds like me the other day, had to run out for some milk in my hoodie, a denim skirt and flip flops. Oh the stares I got... ah well.

    I will never be able to leave the state. After several years, my wardrobe has converted to permanently casual, alas.

    It was the ponytail in combo with the rest of the outfit, right? Because that boho girl whose pic you posted had a ponytail, but was chic.

    I think I know how you felt... probably just as comfortable as I parading in the gay marais with my Toronto Maple leafs hockey jersey, just because it was easy to grab, and the boulangerie is just a street down!

    Naw, Chaton, in your case, it's provocation :P

    Oh, if only the 5-ieme French folk (and that includes Coquette) could see me unabashedly walking my dog in the morning hours (pre 8 am) in boxers and a t-shirt (aka, my pajamas).

    My Mom thinks it's bad enough that I emerge from the house braless for such canine escapades, much less WITHOUT my Italian leather shoes!

    Country Crisp...mmmn.

    ...are you kidding that is my daily "uniform" here at Chez Gilbert. Of course, I don't get out the only person who sees me during the day is my 3 year old, and I am not wearing the good clothes with the possiblity of having soggy cheerios flung at them.

    brace yourself sweetie, you've been nominated for a webby award in the best personal website category!


    ^ Congrats on that! V. nice!

    Way to go and congrats!

    Me, I have "spent too much time in France" disease. (Not literally, mind you -- will be there all of July, and it's far too short.) But I can't go to the dog groomer these days without throwing on an evening dress. A pity I live in Southern California, where everyone dresses like they just rolled out of a dumpster. I practically cry if I spot a woman wearing a skirt and heels.

    WOW! I read your postings... what a great life.
    Your writing is wonderful! What a talent! My mom ran
    into your dad... I ran into your sister... they all
    raved about how happy you are. I am so glad. Take care.

    Please help! Where is this grocery store that is open Sunday? I need to buy munchies NOW! Today is Sunday...

    metro Maubert Mutualité, rue Lagrange -- open till 8:30!

    So what exactly do they wear on sundays, these gawkers? here in Minneapolis you are thought to be crazy if you anything but a sweatshirt on sundays

    I hear that. Yeah, it's hard to describe what they wear. It' non descript?

    You don't exactely see sweats advertising beer companies.

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