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    W007! A post!

    And a foodie post no less!

    Glad to see someone else was cooking this weekend ;D

    see, one should always invite me to food gatherings. If I had been there, I could have passed you my slice of asperagus tart en douce (asperagas and I have issues that go back to childhood, along with green beans and brussel sprouts), alas.

    Of course, somehow I don't think I can justify going to Paris just to eat, and I don't know a lot of blog-related dinner parties that are going down in Le Havre, but still. I like to pretend.

    Zero need to apologize. Hey you snooze you loose - Jean-Yves is learning the hard way!

    What did you put in the ginger cream? It was excellent.

    Kim, you should start the blog dinner party trend!

    Alisa, it was chopped up candied ginger in a pretty standard creme fraiche. As I said, I slaved! ;)

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