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    The pics are great, Coquette. Could the name of the town have been any more appropriate for someone there on vacation from France? On strike, indeed...from the rigors of everyday life.

    Gorgeous pictures! Now I hate you because you went to Italy ;)

    We stayed near Greve also. It's so pretty. Sigh. That's okay, it's raining (again!) here.. I'll be fine..

    We loved sharing in the adventure! The photos are great and the writing wonderful and witty, as usual.

    So... why didn't you run off with Lorenzo?


    "I like when the Sangiovese grapes don't exceed 80%--a little Cabernet Sauvignon mixed in is nice. I have preferences. Chianti stipulations."

    La classe, tout simplement, pour une fois sincèrement.

    Merci bien, Schuey.

    Asian, Lorenzo had a wife. Blast.

    Nice pictures! The trip sounds/looks so great. Lucky you!
    Now...are you still laughing about the block cock? I am.

    Only Friday?! The photos are fabulous. Please post the rest (of the story, I mean). Are there photos of Lorenzo? Or at the very least, his dog? :)

    great photos coquette! but none of you! :) you simply must turn the camera on yourself at some point.. in all fairness, it took over a year to post a picture or two of myself on my blog (they are the most hit of all my photos, go figure.) my husband and i were in italy in 2002 and it was the best time ever! i LOVE florence. that's where my husband proposed and we bought the engagement ring on the ponte vecchio. *sigh* good times. i must go back.

    Before, I did not hate you. Now, I hate you.

    But, hey-- at least you shared with us, so maybe I will get over myself.

    Great pictures, great story, but wishing there were some pics of you.

    I wish I knew something about wine!

    thank you for taking me away, just a little anyway, on a rainy stateside morning.

    Hi Coquette--I found you a few days ago in some roundabout manner. I've been enjoying your writing! Kate Hudson has nothing on you. I'm planning a trip to Italy this summer, I must visit some of the places you've photographed, they're beautiful!

    i like this part of this blog:"Dax prefers the Super Tuscans. I like when the Sangiovese grapes don't exceed 80%--a little Cabernet Sauvignon mixed in is nice. I have preferences. Chianti stipulations. I'll be insufferable in no time." is very good

    This story was so real that these "characters" gave me great insight and a lot to ponder.

    There are many people who offer you their personal experiences and you simply choose to ignore them, and in fact are so rude that you do not even respond to a discussion thread created by your very self.

    You should listen to what the chemistry professor says about chemistry, not the librarian.

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