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    Funny, we DID just get a shipment of 'Study Abroaders' here in Montélimar - last weekend. (I believe it is something to do with the 'nouvelle trimestre')

    So MAYBE they are newbies, and DON'T know any better. Maybe you SHOULD 'help' them Coquette!

    You didn't notice it before-- because it's spring break right now in the US... That's why they're all out!!

    Ah, Coquette, it will be to you that we turn for the next redaction of Scripture.

    Jesus was always upset by excess. But he would have been kind to erring women. One can imagine him saying exactly what you've said.

    And we thought you were in it for the clothes!

    Couquette - One of you best posts! ha ha ha... ***more nervous laughter as I think "I wonder what people thought of me when I was studying abroad"***

    I distinctly remember going shopping and saying things like "Excuse me, Miss Salesgirl? Do you think this will travel well, because I am studying abroad and I am here buying things for my travels."

    I guess I will need to go back to the photographic evidence... hmmm.

    Trucker hats should not be worn anywhere, at any time, by anyone who is not actually a trucker.

    This is like those velour jogging suits, who are only worn by people who have NEVER GONE JOGGING THEIR ENTIRE LIVES!

    just say no, kids!

    Perhaps they, like homeless people, need to wear it all in fear that the Thenardiés they are staying with will steal anything left behind in their room?

    Maybe the customs officials should actually start checking bags at CDG for prohibited clothing. "Les chapeaux d'Ashton Kutcher sont interdits."

    I did see a great t-shirt the other day though. Brought back those 1980's childhood memories. The shirt had a drawing of a wagon, and said "You have died of dysentery."

    DDJ, that totally rocks!

    hahaha, the mary kate reference is priceless.

    i always thought that less was best. hhmmm, this is a whole new breed of hipster i'm not used to.

    I totally don't have any accessories unless you count my cell phone, and I don't even wear that all the time. ;)

    i am a (soon-to-be) study abroad girl and even i cringe when i see the trucker hats. i thought paris would be a positive influence...sigh.

    love the post, coquette. :o)

    I leave for Paris TONIGHT on a trip, and I am so glad I didn't pack anything fringed or beaded or sequined or crocheted. Oh, and no trucker hats or "Princess" t-shirts. *Phew*

    Maybe I'll run into you at Le Pré Verre, Coquette. ;)

    Hee! I worked when I was in Paris, so I was generally in suits, thankfully, but my friends took classes and they dressed in typical American style, which is to say they stood out, but they were always confused when people were able to immediately pinpoint them as Americans. I didn't know what to tell them.

    I had a friend prep me before going abroad. I was told to buy a new shoulder bag as soon as I got to Paris so that I wouldn't look like an ugly American. With my long black wool coat and bobbed hair, no one knew I was, in fact, an American.

    What really made me roll my eyes was the fact that people came all the way to study in Paris, but they would choose to go out to faux British pubs like the Frog and the Princess. Is that still there? I hope, for your sake, you don't even know.

    very witty indeed, i have myself posted something quite atrocious today, euh in fact worn...


    Somebody tell that to that neckless fatty, Hilary Duff. She wears her entire collection of scarves, belts, and necklaces all in one shot, ALL THE TIME.

    in MY study abroad days (Buenos Aires, 2002-2003) i didn't bring a lot of clothes - instead i went shopping a lot and did as well as i could to keep up with the argentinas. my favorite moment was when this american girl came up to me and in broken spanish asked me if i could watch her stuff for a minute (i was in a bus terminal). i was like, YES! I blend in! the last time i was there (july - south american winter) i could spot my compatriots a mile away because of their shorts and sandals.

    I totally agree! A friend of mine was just complaining to me that people always automatically speak English to her, but then I looked at her bleached blond hair and old high school T-shirt. I mean; what could I say?

    haha. hahahaha.
    trucker hats are pretty bad.
    so is the layered-cotton-tees-one-size-too-small-for-your-body paired with extremely snug citizens of humanity jeans and a tiffany's silver chain bracelet with heart charm dangling from the wrist.
    *that* look is official.

    you remember the Disney illustrator who tormented Donald Duck? i feel such a connection to you now, cherie

    It is so true; the packs of study-abroad girls are everywhere now, I've been wondering where they've been hiding. I remember when I was one that I was so proud when the poll-takers started to stop me on the street, I was like "I blend in!" It's also getting to be the season for my favorite game, "Guess the nationality of the tourists on the metro." Walk by them on your way out to hear their language and confirm your answer!

    When I was abroad studying I did everything I could to blend in. Once I graduated and came back to Paris to live I met my husband and made it permanent. The irony here? He told me recently that what attracted him to me in the first place is the fact that I stood out from the crowd. And I thought I'd done such a good job!

    Fucking fashion statements!

    Trucker hats can be cool, but like everything else, when worn by the right people with the proper attire!
    yes: grease covered overalls, and a rasberry donut stain on a white T-shirt that says: "Duff Beer" does qualify!

    Well, I think it's safe to blame Britney Spears and Kevin Federline for bringing "poor white trash chic" into its hey-dey... The day you see a "MILF in Training" tee in the streets of Paris is the day I will officially be ashamed to be an American.

    But trucker hats in Paris? Ce n'est pas possible?! I second DDJ - stop them at customs - and add "Off with zeer heads!"

    DDJ - those are Busted t-shirts. They're everywhere here, it's getting very annoying.

    HA HA Coquette. You are HILARIOUS.

    Ms. Nola,

    The Frog and the Princess does indeed still exist (with multiple locations). I'm two hours away from Paris, and still managed to have some chick recommend it to me at some point as soon as she heard I was american heh.

    What's wrong with the Frog and Princess? I'm totally on my way there right now.


    Still, I've been there, err, more times than I'd like to admit. So many Americans in one room--how exotic!

    What happened to trying to blend in? I wear my gettin lucky in kentucky shirt to bed! not on the streets of Paris! I remember sitting at a cafe with a friend when I studied there thinking it was so great that the Americans a table or so down from us started talking about us in English! These new study abroad girls... just don't know...

    First, was this to you???
    How cool if so.

    Second, I realised the other day on the metro that an accessory that I merely considered silly and amusing when I was in college is actually a desperate cry for help: the paisley print diaper bag. Bet you miss those!!!!


    Bien sur!

    Easy Jetsetter, it has been confirmed that the cragslist "missed connection" (which I had not yet seen) is about me.

    Also confirmed: it's a gag by MY SISTER. She is soooo in love with you right now for having found it!

    I hope for the sake of Paris and all the world that the current trend of my campus-- pajama pants all hours of the day-- does not spread. Really, how much more effort does it take to at least throw on a pair of jeans?

    Haha, great blog. Hilarious post!


    hélas, i am too late in responding to this post, though it did come to mind as i was in a certain moderately faceless lifestyle store. it's always at such places that i see the ladies dressed in the SAG manner. and i always have a good chuckle (and a nervous shudder).

    bonne continuation.

    Ouch.  It's not a gag.

    That's like me sending you flowers for your birthday, and you being like:

    yeah.  they're a gag gift from my sister.

    Flowers are flowers.

    Hee! I worked when I was in Paris, so I was generally in suits, thankfully, but my friends took classes and they dressed in typical American style, which is to say they stood out, but they were always confused when people were able to immediately pinpoint them as Americans. I didn't know what to tell them


    Would you be interested in my tatted items?
    I have tatted cross, necklace, ear rings, edgings around handkerchiefs, in frames.

    Anecdotal evidence doesn't mean much, but the first time I saw a "Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky" t-shirt, it was on a mannequin, in a store window, in Rome.

    Hi, I read your blog every so often and I found this to be too funny!


    I was just in Paris for the first time in 8 years, staying at a friends apartment in St. Germain des Pres. I accidentally got off at St. Michel rather than Odeon (which is much closer to where he lives) and was a little lost. So I started asking people "Excusez-moi, est-ce que vous savez ou se trouve la rue (whatever street he lived on)." Within the first five minutes I had gotten at least four "Je ne paaaaarle pas fransays" from people whose French was so bad they could not detect my very distinct American accent. It was really quite hilarious. Paris in the summer is swimming in clueless Americans. But Barcelona is worse!

    Je suis étudiante américaine à Paris. Cependant...

    I don't wear trash.

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    hahahahahahha I'm from seattle so I know exactly what you mean! It's all those microsoft girls that got sent over there by their daddies.

    What is going on here? Was looking for fashion ideas and happened upon website. Holy Jesus! Is it not possible to allow people to express themselves (or express others selves)? Does poor taste in fashion really damage our personal lives so much in the end? In the future, will consult local street fashion and vintage inspiration instead.

    Coquette, je suis tres d'accord. I spent my time in Paris living by Ecole Militaire... rich pickings for fashion policing such girls. x

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