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    who could be more fabulous than karl lagerfeld? i am very much looking forward to your report on the Chanel show- as well as all the other STUFF that WENT DOWN. hang in there!

    Ok, you have to get some sleep and then get stalking! You let a boots shot go to waste?!?!?! :)

    Eeek! Jessica Stam! Did you kick her? You should have kicked her.

    Ah, to be exhausted after 5 fashion shows. Quite a life you are living this week! So, did the messenger come up all those stairs to deliver the Chanel invite? For some reason that would make me feel extra special.

    ahh i wish i had your life right now!!

    Interlocking C's!!!!! Wow. Just.... wow.

    Can't wait to hear about Chanel and your post show write up!

    You are so fah-bulous for sharing with us and I'm curious to know what *stuff* went down?

    Yes, looking forward to hearing the scoop about stuff that "went down" at the shows. Don't let the fatique get you! We want all the details.

    Bon courage, Coco...tu PEUT le faire!

    Ahh, what I'd give to be there.

    Coquette - Is it too stalker-ish of me to tell people that I know you? I have a feeling it will come up in convo's like this "so, yea... a friend of mine went to the Chanel show..." and then one of the hicks in my life will reply back "like the Chanel they sell at the purse party" or even better "oh I have a Chanel bag, when Aunt Rita went New York she bought one right on the street"...

    So I won't tell people I know you, I'll just be SO FREAKIN happy that you are going to all of these wonderful shows!

    One more comment for the day and I will seriously get back to work... I just added a quote to my list and ran accross this, so appropriate for today... Have fun and be elegant and make your blog friends jealous, I totally mean proud...

    "Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future."
    -- Gabrielle ("Coco") Chanel

    Oh wow oh wow. I got linked here through Manolo's shoe blog, and am so impressed by your blog! Wow. You got to attend the fashion shows! Which magazine/newspaper/media do you work for? I am mega-jealous of you. I would love to work in the fashion magazine industry, but alas, it seems my fate and talent may not lie there. So now I have resorted to fashion-blogging. Oh, and I love the way you described your experience. And I can't believe they didn't start the show within 5 mins of Anna Wintour's arrival, *gasp* such a daring crime!

    Love Stell McCartney. Love you even more. Nice to finally read you.

    ......did you get to see Anna Wintour get hit with the pie? And was it, indeed, pie of the american steez? or a tarte...perhaps tatin?
    ce blog est genial

    i have a feeling one day people are going to blog ogle you like this one day ('cept that part about 'frightening human being' of course! just the stellar part...)

    Why are you going to all these shows? What is your job?

    Oh, I <3 your blog. I was a Lyceene until university and I'm happy to relive my memories through you. ^^

    Plus, lord, I'm so hoping you saw Ms. Wintour get pie-d before the Chanel show! I hear that she gatherd herself with great aplomb and quipped that "she didn’t know what type of pie it was—maybe tofu, but she felt sure it was great for the skin.” Can't say I'm a fan of the Wintour, but ha!

    Exam week exhausted...I have up until this past week have never had the pleasure of knowing what that when it finally came my turn to experience it...I thought something was wrong with me. I literally felt like doing nothing but sleep for the past 4 days. And now that Spring Break is over...I am rejuvinated...funny how they do that to you.

    Regarding the afros on parade, I spend piles of money on Kiehls and Leonor Greyl hair products (go to her place for a treatment -- it's in Paris off Place Madeleine -- lifechanging experience) to make my hair not look that way. So thrilling to see that I just have to wake up looking like a redheaded witch, and I'm good to go!

    PS Leonor Greyl's creme moelle de bambou shampoo and conditioner -- available at BHV, strangely, since its kind of pricey -- will leave your hair feeling like melted butter, even if it normally feels more like a big 'fro!


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    Nevermore will I be satisfied with yesterday's accomplishments nor will I indulge, anymore, in self-praise for deeds which in reality are too small to even acknowledge.

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